The Atlantic Denounces Trump’s Low-Death, High-Wage Border Policy


The Atlantic magazine published a sermon of 30,000 words against President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policy. It ignored the realities of federal law and democratic politics as well as the spike in deaths among President Joe Biden’s migrants.

The magazine laments Trump’s 2017-2018 policy to “separate children from their parents.” More than 5,500 parents were sent into courts and jails for failing to bring their children to the border, as they chose to break U.S. Border laws.

However, the article downplays the fact that the D.C. swamp careerists helped migrants use their children to cross the border via the Flores loophole of former President Barack Obama.

Vaughan stated that after spending nearly 30,000 words deconstructing Trump’s policies the article offered a few passive-voice paragraphs which hide the enormous, expected, planned and tolerated humanitarian damage caused by Biden’s immigration inflow in 2021-2022.

Biden’s officials are offering jobs to migrants if they first separate from their families and risk their lives — as well as their children’s lives — by taking the unofficial-but-approved deadly treks to the United States, Vaughan said. Vaughan stated that this “structural feature” is not being considered by Biden’s immigration policies because the Atlantic’s editor and author are:

Doctors Without Borders reported August 2021 about the lethal consequences of Biden’s refusal enforce border laws.

Vaughan stated that the article is not meant to provide a thorough, balanced, cost-and-benefits analysis on Trump’s policies.

It’s a campaign that aims to define Trump’s legacy on immigration and to disapprove of any politician who dares to revisit them… And it’s also a fight for moral authority — the goal is to convince the public their version of reality is both true, and moral.

The U.S. economy is centered on the policy of Extract Migration. This policy extracts human material from poor countries, namely migrants, and uses the migrant workers and renters to transfer wealth from the ordinary population to Wall Street and billionaires.

Many Americans find it difficult to get married, move up in their careers, have children, or purchase homes because of this policy of labor inflation.

Vaughan stated that pro-migration groups insist that their preferred policy is the best way to manage the world. Vaughan said that illegal migration is an inherent force and that they should accept it. It is not their policies that draw people to this country.

The Atlantic, owned by Steve Jobs’ pro-migration widow, endorses this extraction migration strategy. Laurene Powell Jobs, his heir, uses her money to lobby for more immigration and to present this economic transfer to be a moral imperative.

The Atlantic article, unsurprisingly, declines to follow money through the immigration debate.

Trump was elected due to his popular promise of ending illegal immigration.

He presented the policy to the public as a cultural issue and his donors, the left and the establishment media, eagerly agreed with him.

Outsourcing is not the only thing that migration can do. Investors can use both to increase stock values and reduce payroll costs. Their ambition destroyed much of middle America, decimated cities and towns, impoverished white families and drove hundreds of thousands to early drug deaths.

Ambitious and media-savvy Trump saw the devastation as a Golden Key to his White House. Trump took the key from Washington’s sidewalk, as no Washington politician wanted to acknowledge it.

Trump was adamant that he would not be pushed or pulled and instead embraced other issues, primarily winning a tax cut for donors to the GOP’s establishment wing.

In 2016, more than 400,000 people crossed the border. Trump’s campaign rhetoric quickly reduced the number to 300,000.

However, the number rose to 400,000 in 2018, a significant increase from 2017. This failure damaged Trump’s legitimacy and he chose to drive down the number by vigorously enforcing criminal law’s sanctions against illegal migrants.

Trump’s deputy drafted plans for prosecuting all illegally crossing the border migrants.

Trump’s deputy knew that the migrants were using their children as a way to cross the border. They had their 2016 mandate to protect the border and their boss repeated his belief that “if there aren’t borders, you don’t need a country.”

Trump’s deputy would not allow cartel-aided migrants, who were bringing their children to border to destroy the U.S. superpower, to do so.

The careerists of the D.C. establishment guard the federal Extraction Migration economic strategy.

Washington, D.C.’s revolving doors enable these careerists move back and forth among government agencies, lobbying firms, congressional office offices, media outlets, universities, advocacy groups, and other organizations, such as those created by Powell Jobs or her wealthy West Coast friends.

Their careers and the futures of their children are dependent on other careerists. This gives them a huge incentive to defend their collective privileges and power.

This corps of careerists has assisted the government’s Immigration Strategy transfer trillions in value from working Americans into Wall Street since 1990. This strategy includes strict enforcement of laws that permit migration, lax enforcement laws that restrict illegal migration, and careful creation of non-laws to allow more migration.

This article details the massive resistance of the swamp to Trump’s democratic mandate.

According to the article, Kelly, Trump’s first homeland-security chief, was not interested in protecting Americans against cheap-labor migration.

The Atlantic stated that Kelly had “explained in 2014” that mass migration of families and children seeking asylum in the U.S. wasn’t a threat to national safety. He said that migration was best viewed as a logistic issue. “The crunch at the border will continue to grow unless there are more jobs and less violence across Central America.”

Elaine Duke was another career officer who assumed control of the DHS after Kelly became Trump’s chief-of-staff. “The majority [Elaine] Duke’s staff were moderates. Many of them said to me that they believed that the idea of separating families nationwide was too absurd for them to take seriously.

Kirstjen Nielson was the DHS careerist who succeeded Duke. The article praises her support of large-scale migration and weak enforcement.

The article suggests that the establishment’s people working in government and the media worked closely together, which includes the author of the Atlantic, who was then employed by the New York Times.

My sources from DHS informed me of their existence as Kirstjen Nielsen, chief of DHS, was debating these [enforcement] proposals. After I confirmed all details, The New York Times published my December 2017 report. It included the story about a father and his 1-year old son who were already separated.

This article ignores the hostility of Democrats and many GOP politicians to Trump’s immigration policies. These D.C. powers, along with others, were determined to stop any reductions in migration — legal and illegal — and they spent the majority of Trump’s term advocating for migrants and U.S. employer interests, and not American employees.

The article uses few verbs and adjectives to describe the costs for migrants of the federal government’s chaotic, poorly designed, schizophrenic and fractured enforcements of the nation’s popular border law.

Many quotes are repeated in the article from migrants.

This article tracks the increasing number of children separated from their migrants parents. “5,569”: The minimum number of separated children at January 20, 2021 according to government records.

There are many stories about migrants in the text, including one from a father-daughter couple who bet on Obama’s Flores loophole and lost when Trump’s staff started to enforce U.S. laws.

Recently, I spoke with Nazario Jacinto–Carrillo, a 36 year-old farmer from western Guatemala. He was the same man I wrote about in 2018. His family struggled to survive with a barren field and stagnant crop prices. He and his wife were hungry most days; his young children sometimes went without food. They felt unsafe and destitute in their local community. Filomena, Filomena’s 5-year-old girl, and he set out for the United States in spring. They were guided by a “coyote,” to the American border in San Diego. They had to simply walk across.

The unexpected happened. Filomena, along with another girl her own age, grabbed one of Nazario’s legs as six Border Patrol agents approached them. As the agents separated the three girls, one held Nazario’s neck by the neck. Nazario agreed to be deported to Guatemala after a federal agent informed him that Filomena would be returned within two weeks if he did so.

D.C.’s furious struggle over immigration policy in D.C. did not spare the father or daughter, even though the federal government and pro-migration investment investors did not do anything to support the economic and investment trade that would benefit the family and millions more.

Many children are also among the victims, and each one is now separated from their parents for life. According to PlazaPublica, a Guatemalan website, Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, a Guatemalan teenager, died in a truck belonging to a smuggler in San Antonio, Texas on June 27.

Caballero spoke last to them Saturday morning. They said they had crossed Rio Grande at Roma, Texas and were heading to Laredo. On Monday, they expected to travel north to Houston.

Migration is also increasing the United States child labor workforce. This was not the case in the 1930s.

The U.S. government’s colonialism-like policy to extract poor workers, consumers and renters in order to boost the U.S. economy has caused serious damage to the sending countries. Plaza Publica reported five hours away from the capital from Tzucubal in rural Chile.

Antonia Ixtoz, teacher, said that the children no longer attend school because they feel it is not of any use to them, their families don’t have money, and they must help their parents. They believe that studying is a waste because they see people who graduate going to the United States.

Antonia is a Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan primary school teacher who has worked there for 11 years. One of her biggest battles was convincing her 11- and 12-year-old students to stay. She says, “I have a job, but I barely have enough money. But I won’t leave because maybe I can convince some kids to stay here.”

Vaughan stated that the U.S. invitation to migrants “means [poor countries] lose workers, potential business owners and people who have an interest in their country or their communities.” Biden’s invitation to young people is accepted by “other” people, she said. She added that the loss of human capital is not fully compensated by the remittances.

The Extraction Migration policy dragged a 13-year old into the San Antonio truck. According to The Associated Press:

Manuel de Jesus Tulul Wilmer’s father couldn’t stop crying Wednesday. Tulul stated that Wilmer, 13 years old, didn’t see any future in a small town built with remittances from the United States. He wanted to support his three siblings, and own his own home and land.

Vaughan stated that The Atlantic staff are ignorant about Biden’s massive damage to migrants.

The Darien Gap is dangerous and inhumane. You can only be saved by God, but it is not the route of God. This is where families must split up even though they don’t know why. It’s a struggle for survival.

You are more likely to be bitten or killed if you spend too much time in the jungle. It is said that it has become a road because so many people have walked through it. It is actually the opposite. You can slip and even die on this worn path. Broken bones are left behind, and those who are unable to make it to the end of the journey are abandoned.

It’s worth noting, however, that at least one of Biden’s 2021 immigration advisors was Laurene Powell Jobs’ promigration payroll.

Vaughan stated that the damage done by Biden’s immigration is not important to the Atlantic’s staff or most of their readers, or their elite-minded peers here in D.C.

On January 20, 2021 Biden reintroduced the policy of Extraction migration to the swamp. Since then, approximately two million migrants have crossed the southern border to enter the blue-collar American workplaces and communities. This does not include the thousands of migrants who were killed on their way North.