The Battle for Control of the House: Can We Officially Call It Now?


To capture the House majority, the GOP must win 218 of the House seats. Decision Desk HQ reports that 217 races have been called for the GOP, and 203 for Democrats. According to Decision Desk HQ, there are 15 House races that have yet to be called and the GOP needs only one to win the majority.

Although the elections did not go as smoothly as we hoped, it is clear that the GOP is close to winning the majority of the House seats. Even NBC News predicts that the GOP will win 220 of the 219 seats it won 219 days ago. However, no one has yet officially declared the House majority for GOP, and it is likely that it will be quite some time before this happens. DDHQ earlier this week predicted that the GOP could still win up to 221 seats. However, the overwhelming majority of outstanding races still to be called show that despite the GOP’s advantage, many races are either close to being tallied or have too many votes to make a valid call. This is embarrassing.

However, it’s highly unlikely that the GOP will win any of the remaining 15 races. From my position, it is obvious that the GOP will hold the House majority. It’s only a matter of how large (or smaller) that majority will become.