The Border Crisis: Beyond Immigration, a Growing National Security Concern


The crisis at the border has to be the most urgent issue that we face. The ripples of what is happening at the border reach into all areas of society. Already stretched to the limit, our social safety net has begun to unravel. Law enforcement agencies are feeling the impact of the increased crime by people who break the laws in this country.

The Biden administration has refused to address the border crisis, and citizens across the country are frustrated. This is especially true in border states. The massive influx of illegals into our country is primarily an immigration problem, which is true up to a certain point. But it’s much worse. You won’t hear the mainstream media report on this border crisis, which is a problem of national security.

Do you know the people who are reporting it? We are indeed! Catherine reported just last week on the staggering influx of Chinese military-age men who are flooding the border.

Last year, the number of Chinese illegal migrants entering the U.S. increased dramatically. This dangerous trend continues today, as the majority are young adults, especially men in their military years.

Border Patrol has encountered over 24,000 illegal immigrants from China in fiscal year (FY) 2020, and more than 9,000 in FY 2024. This is a serious national security threat, especially as so many of them are youths who are in military service.

Six people in the FBI Terrorist Screening Database – which is oddly not yet filled with people protesting at school boards and dissenting from the Biden regime on vaccines – were caught on the dirt line that was once the southern border of America, as Title 42 has been relegated to history. Unknown numbers of terrorists passed through unnoticed. What could go wrong? Celebrate diversity!

Lincoln also wrote last week about an illegal alien who told a camera that America would “find out very soon who I am”

Hope it was just a joke. A snide one-off. Any real terrorist would keep their identity and motives secret until they were ready to attack. It is generally a good idea for you to trust people when they say who they are. We need to consider the border situation as a matter of national security because not all terrorists belong to cells. The White House is encouraging terrorists and enemies to enter the country by ignoring it. How long will it be before an illegal alien (or group of illegal immigrants) commits a terrorist act or undermines our national defenses or infrastructure?

It’s not because our military is waking up or that the federal government cares more about other issues than national security. Our open border has caused us to be in danger because so many hostiles can come into the country and establish themselves.

It’s a sobering thought, and it’s only logical that states such as Texas would take on the responsibility of their border if federal authorities don’t.

Biden has also been called upon by the left to federalize the Texas National Guard so that they do not enforce border security. We previously wrote about the implications of this idea:

What happens if Biden federalizes soldiers to enforce his open-border policy? This would be a test of the power balance and authority of a U.S. President and a possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the federal government from using the military for domestic policy enforcement.

Joe Biden appears to be determined to bring about a constitutional showdown.

It’s impossible to express how proud I am that my congressman Mike Collins (R – Ga.) sponsored the RAZOR Act which prevents the federal government from interfering in Texas’ border security.