The Brittney Griner Trade Just Got Much Worse, With a Saudi Angle


Brittney Griner was heading home, according to news reports on Thursday morning. After being caught with hash-oil, the embattled WNBA star was taken to Russia and imprisoned for several months.

To secure her release, a blockbuster deal was made. It was, at most, a blockbuster trade for one side. Russia received notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout. Griner was the only American to receive this weapon.

Although the deal was not a fair one, it was necessary. According to the Biden administration, Paul Whelen, a former Marine, was not being held by Russia. It seems that getting fleeced is the norm when dealing with a dictatorial government. This was evident during the Obama years, when Bowe Bergdahl was released by the former president to free five terrorists who had deserted their unit and been captured.

However, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be being completely honest about what happened. You might be shocked that they would hide details about the situation in order to save face. They are not being authentic.

Biden made a strange announcement a few weeks before the Griner deal. Biden made it clear that Saudi Arabia wasn’t legally responsible for Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder. This revelation set fire to the media, which has long considered subservience of the Saudis to be a Republican problem. Biden’s admission was also oddly timed and not in response to any current events.

We now know the reason. Griner was being returned to Saudi Arabia by the Saudis who mediated the negotiations.

The United States had to not only give up “the merchant of Death,” but also made a significant concession to Saudi Arabia to complete the deal. Biden and his handlers tried to keep the details secret all the time.

It’s entirely reasonable to say that the deal was not only bad, but necessary. Griner’s sentence was absurd and the Russians clearly used Griner as bait. Biden showed how terrible he is at foreign policies once again. The fact that he is lying about all of it is just the icing on top.