The Number Of Words Keanu Reeves Actually Speaks In ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Will Shock You


Keanu Reeves is the star of “John Wick: Chapter 4”, but he actually only speaks 400 words during the movie.
According to a recent tally by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Reeves is primarily focused on actions and not words. According to the outlet, nearly one third of his lines are composed of one word. His use of “Yeah” was the closest he came to using a catchphrase.

According to the WSJ, Reeves’ total word count for a movie with a run time of 169 minutes is only 380 words.

Comparatively, the actor spoke approximately 484 words in the original installment of “John Wick”, which ran for 101 minutes.

According to WSJ, the trailer for the new movie contains roughly 10% of the words in the film. According to WSJ, John Wick speaks in the trailer for the movie 2.5 minutes more than he does in its actual 25-minute runtime.

John Wick tells Mr. Sanada that he and he left a happy life behind long ago. This simple line is the longest continuous speech in the movie.

Reeves speaks on average four lines per day while taking on his adversaries, WSJ tallied.

According to WSJ, Chad Stahelski, director of Chad Stahelski, Reeves cut approximately half of the dialogue that was originally written by him.

Stahelski stated that “Wick” is more than stoic. “He is mysterious and the mystery allows the audience to fill in the gaps.”

Reeves was more interested in using facial “microexpressions”, and body language, to express his emotions in the film than monologues.

Reeves’ film was mainly action-based and not-verbal. This formula apparently worked well for the film. “John Wick: Chapter 4” was No. It was No. 1 in the box office on its first weekend. The film grossed $73.5 million in domestic theaters and $64,000,000 overseas.