The Right Is Cheering Latest Twitter Move Concerning Head of Trust and Safety


We’ve seen Elon Musk try to repair the mess made by the previous leaders.

Musk fired the inept leaders and cut staff to save money. Workers will be required to work 40 hours per week just like everyone else.

Musk was attentive and responsive to concerns about conservative shadow banning. He also showed that he would be a hands-on owner. However, the Twitter “trending” list didn’t make the narrative as clear.

Twitter could make a major move in the future which could prove to be a boon to its users.

Elon Musk took control of Twitter and appeared to be giving his approval to Yoel Roth, who was head of “Trust and Safety”. These issues included harassment and abuse.

Many people pointed out that Roth wasn’t the best person to evaluate the platform based on his tweets. These tweets suggest that Roth may not be able to exercise his judgment.

Roth described Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as “a personality-free bag filled with farts” in his tweet.

Roth was also involved in the Hunter Biden laptop story, as he was the Head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team.

Yoel Rot (head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team), cited U.S intelligence officers to support Twitter’s decision to not allow access to a series of New York Post articles that were published in October that detailed emails found in Biden’s laptop.

The commission mentioned Roth’s testimony, in which U.S. officials warned him about potential “hacker and leak” operations near the elections. Roth claimed that rumors circulated that Hunter Biden was a hacker-and leak operator.

Multiple reports suggested that Robin Wheeler, the sales head, and Roth had both left the company on Thursday.

I’m not sure why he left. Roth might have wanted to continue his job. Other people had their own ideas.

Could it be that someone finally recognized there was a problem? He left another positive sign for those who were right.

Leftists and media workers bemoaned the fact that the platform controls all the news pipelines, and this would impact safety.

This is the problem. It does “control” the news. However, it isn’t safe for real news that contradicts the liberal narrative.