The Shadowy Source of the Twitter Advertising Boycott Targeting Elon Musk Has Been Exposed


Elon Musk is now the new owner of Twitter. His rule has restored respect for free speech. Although there were some bumps along the way, the differences between what can be said now and what would have you banned under the old regime is night and day.

Although it seems unbelievable, when you think back, there was a time that saying a man cannot become a woman would result in an account suspension. In the worst case, you will be asked to delete the tweet. Who can forget the bans that were imposed on people for making false statements about COVID-19’s vaccine efficacy or mask-wearing?

While such an environment of openness, respect and tolerance for different viewpoints isn’t offensive to normal people it can send the far-left into a rage. They have lost one of the most valuable ways to influence political opinion through algorithmic promotion and underhanded censorship. Their response was to organize an advertiser boycott of Twitter to punish Elon Musk’s radical embrace for free speech.

It’s still a mystery as to who the campaign is being run. Now we know. The Free Beacon claims it’s Pierre Omidyar, a well-known left-wing bagman.

Pierre Omidyar, a left-wing billionaire who is also a media donor, is behind dark-money group. He has kept its donors secret for almost a year. And he is leading a boycott campaign against Elon Musk.

According to Omidyar’s recently updated list, Omidyar was the eBay founder and financial backer for the Intercept and ProPublica. He donated $509,500 in 2021 and 2022 to Accountable Tech. Omidyar also donated $2 million to six other organizations that targeted Musk. He wrote letters praising him as “uniquely unsuited for the job” of managing a social media platform and warned that he would make Twitter a free-for-all of hateful and harassing behavior.

This would have been more shocking if George Soros had not turned out to be the culprit. Omidyar, a notoriously insidious character known for promoting dark money schemes to punish Americans who enjoy basic freedoms, is particularly well-known. You may recall that he is the billionaire who funded The Bulwark, an offshoot from The Weekly Standard which has become an outright Democrat mouthpiece. He is particularly obsessed with attacking Ron DeSantis.

It’s hard not to notice Omidyar’s language in his criticism of Musk. It’s alarming. How did Americans outsource their decision-making about who is “uniquely unsuited” to run a social media business to a left-wing billionaire. Last time I checked, Musk purchased the company in full. It’s really cruel to attempt to discredit it using underhanded advertising boycotts that were crafted in a shadowy backroom.

This is the reality for anyone who crosses far-left Orthodoxy. Musk isn’t conservative. Musk is quite liberal in certain ways. He is a danger to himself and others because he treats conservatives as human beings, whose opinions should be heard in the public square. It is a sad scene.