The Useful Veneer Of The Aging Democrat


Joe Biden will be 80 in 2024, and 82 when he runs to be president. He will then be 86 and obviously disabled. Over half a century has passed since he began working in the government.

Nancy Pelosi, the former California House Speaker and current California Representative is 83 years old. She is 83.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is 72 years of age. He has served in the government for 48 years.

Senator Diane Feinstein is 89-years-old and in poor health, after 53 years of being an elected official.

James Clyburn is the whip of the House Minority. He’s 82 years old.

Official faces and logos for the Democratic Party.

Three decades ago, during the Clinton years (1993-1999), they were in power and mature.

In the past, they favored a strong national defense and secure borders. They also supported the development and funding of oil and gas.

The Clinton liberals are not the same people as the Democratic Party today. They are just a thin layer that hides the real Democratic Party.

The party is a completely different entity thanks to Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Congressional Black Caucus and newly-elected senators such as the Georgia duo Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock have also contributed to this transformation.

Americans are familiar with Biden’s team.

Acculturating the Democratic Party to the voters is the last step.

The radicals are putting pressure on them to move out of the way. But for now, they have to maintain this façade of respectability in order to transition into what is essentially an socialist-European Green Party.

The New Democratic Party supports defunding the police.

Support George Soros-funded district attorneys in cities, states and counties.

These prosecutors try to reduce felonies or release violent criminals on bail.

This group is a group that holds legal theories as well as theories about race. Their claim is criminality has very little to do with free will.

The enforcement of laws does not deter criminals. In reality, a “crime” is the result a racial hierarchical system that oppresses individuals.

According to them, the “woke revolution”, where race and gender is used in place of meritocracy for determining who runs government and corporate boards, should be dominant.

In the event of racial bias at graduations, dormitories and other university programs, reparations must be made.

Big Tech is a powerful ally when it works with government agencies such as the FBI and CIA to combat “misinformation”. ” ”

They think that gender is socially constructed. Transgender males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

They want the Green New Deal now. It would require natural gas and petroleum for electricity and transportation.

Abortion can be performed even as the baby is passing through the birth canal.

The climate-change religion has overridden the concerns of middle class people who are suffering high inflation, recession, and high interest rates.

Semi-automatic rifles should be banned. Handgun licenses should be very difficult to get.

Voting early by mail is the best way to avoid Election Day.

“Dark Money” is gone, only “correct money and useful money”.

Silicon Valley and Wall Street aristocrats quietly funnel hundreds of millions into “nonpartisan” PACs and causes on hard Left. The more donors do this, the more green deals they can expect.

Many of the ideas that have shaped the new Democratic Party were developed by the academic world, such as critical race theory and modern money theory. While “theory” can be used to cover ridiculous doctrines, it can also serve to hide new, sophisticated ideas.

The polled ideas did not score above 50%.

A calcified Biden or Pelosi is a politician who has resisted revolution.

The new generation of hard Left and “Old Joe Biden”, play a game which is mutually beneficial.

The new majority of radical Democrats allows the old fogies to bask in the limelight until they drop – exempt from counter-revolutionary criticism or inter-party primary challenges or demands to retire.

In exchange, the codgers promise that their faces don’t resemble socialist revolutionaries wearing polyester. We saw the raging catastrophe airbrushed and photoshopped in front of us.