The View Co-Hosts Defend Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene After Alleged Restaurant Attack


After Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about an attack at a restaurant, “The View” hosts stood by her Republican Georgia Rep.

Greene tweeted Tuesday morning that she was attacked by an “insane” woman and her son in a restaurant for opposing political views. Representative referred to mother and son as “selfish, insane and totally out of control.”

Greene’s co-hosts are often critical of Greene. They openly supported her by condemning harassment and attacks against a political opponent.

Joy Behar, co-host of the show, said that she was on Marjorie’s side in this matter. “Because I don’t believe anybody should be going upto any of us, anyone in public, harassing us. And that goes for you too, Marjorie. Because you were harassing AOC, and you were stalking David Hogg who survived the Parkland shooting.”

Behar claimed Greene had a taste of her medicine after following David Hogg, a gun control activist, as he walked towards the Capitol. He called him a “coward”, in a March 2019 video. She also referenced footage from a month before, where Greene opened Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Democratic New York Rep.,’s mailbox slot at her office’s locked doors and asked her to come out.

They claimed that they were verbally attacked while out in public. Sunny Hostin, co-host, said Ana Navarro and Ana Navarro were confronted by construction workers after having lunch. She said that they chanted “Trump 2024”, “f*ck You” and then she asked for more details.

Hostin stated that she didn’t enjoy the experience and Greene shouldn’t have to go through it. She’s a professional troller. She was disrespectful to the President of the United States of America during the State of the Union. She heckles people all the way. Please provide more details. What does she mean when she says attack?

Behar said, “Let’s just take her word for that, in this instance.” Let’s just trust her opinion… It’s wrong, it’s wrong. It’s unacceptable.

Alyssa Farah, Griffin’s co-host, said that supporters of Donald Trump and left-wingers have made attacks on her and called for a substantive debate between both sides. Griffin previously stated that she received death threats from the “far left” for her work in the Trump administration.