The Woke Left’s Kafkaesque Attempt to Take Out a Washington Sheriff Fails


The Washington State court was unable to give the woke mob a fair trial. This is the land of the Summer of Love.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson made a big deal of his lefty reputation and the prestige and power of his office when he bluffed Pierce County prosecutors to file charges against the sheriff for a confrontation with an African-American man in January 2021.

It was obvious from the beginning that the Summer of Love, BLM, and Antifa would follow the lead of newly elected Sheriff Ed Troyer. It was impossible to miss the opportunity to see a lawman confront a black man over his suspicious behavior at 2 AM. He was attacked by the media, the mobs came after him, he refused and was then subject to a lengthy court battle that lasted weeks. The result: a unanimous jury did not find him guilty.

Troyer stated that the reason he was testifying is that the media made Troyer out to have been a racist. The state also tried to make Troyer out to lie. His wife, however, testified that they were “prisoners” in their home due to the political nature of the allegations.

In closing arguments, his attorney, Anne Bremner, told the jury that the prosecutors “took a movement, and it’s a laudable movement, that we saw at the time that these events transpired. It really seized our nation, involving law enforcement and race. They took that movement and then they put it into this case.”

Troyer was arrested for two misdemeanors. He allegedly lied about calling the Pierce County 9-1-1 to report that a driver he had followed had stopped Troyer on the street with his vehicle and threatened him. Troyer didn’t know the race of the man until he approached his car to confront him. Troyer asked for backup units and was finally able to reply. Troyer and the police who responded discovered that the man driving without lights, entering and exiting driveways in the neighborhood, was actually delivering papers.

The AG’s prosecutor criticized Troyer for asking for help when he should have known that cops all around the area would respond. He lied about his threat to life and wasted taxpayer funds, she claimed. However, only a handful of officers responded as others were not needed.

AG Bob Ferguson, like the orphan who murdered his parents, was a vocal advocate for defunding and defunding law enforcement. He then attacked a cop for “wasting resources” because they are scarce by design.

Anne Bremner, the defense attorney, marveled at this claim during her closing argument.

Prosecutors claimed it was a waste of resources…to call all the cops that didn’t show up – what a waste. Because he did nothing wrong, this trial is a waste. It is a wrongful prosecution, plain and simple.

Ed Troyer, Pierce County’s sheriff, manages a small police force that is constantly understaffed and unable to complete assigned assignments. Ed would never file a false report to start an emergency response.

Their attempt to inflict injustice on an innocent man is even more shocking. This is a wrong prosecution of the elected sheriff in your county.

She said Troyer misunderstood “I’ll Take You Out” as a threat to his life. He claimed that Sedrick Altheimer was the delivery driver and told Troyer when he confronted him in his vehicle. The threat was reported to at least one additional officer on the scene who was wearing a body cam.

Altheimer returned at 4 a.m., revved his engine, and threw a piece of paper in what Bremner called an intimidation tactic.

Bremner mentioned Altheimer’s troubles on the stand. He recalled how he had received 4,000 complaints during his work delivering newspapers in Tacoma. For driving in a suspicious manner, he’s been stopped ten times by police. Another witness testified that the newspaper deliveryman confronted him angrily. He claimed that responding officers had pointed guns at him when they weren’t. He described the neighborhood as being all white and testified that he saw his wife leaving for work every morning, which was more creepy than it sounds.

Altheimer sued Pierce County, Troyer, and his family for $5 million. Bremner claimed that he needed the guilty verdict in order to support his lawsuit. She claimed that he placed his GoFundMe flyers in the newspapers he delivered.

Troyer could have been sentenced to one-year imprisonment and a $5,000 fine if he was found guilty.