There Are Very Few Answers Regarding The Uvalde Tragedy


It is both confusing, and troubling to read the Uvalde Texas news about the law enforcement officers on the scene when the tragedy unfolded.

In this post, Mr. Green asked “What the Heck Were Cops Doing Outside while Kids Were Being Slaughtered at School?”

Online video from Tuesday’s massacre of schoolchildren in Uvalde (Texas) shows that local police are more interested in stopping parents than the killer.

Parents begged, “Give me a vest, I’ll get in there!” But some were left with handcuffs and not vests.

Please remember, Robb Elementary School parents are waiting in vain outside their children’s schools while madmen were allowed to go on their rampage.

It’s not violent, and there’s no blood, but it’s still one of the most difficult videos that I’ve ever seen.

Although it is not easy, Stephen has a post.

The cops didn’t seem to be trying to arrest terrified parents, but rather chat up the killer than storming the school and stopping him. Paula reported that:

A Texas Department of Public Safety official told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that they tried to negotiate with the suspect in the Robb Elementary School massacre. He was then shot and killed by Border Patrol agents.

Salvador Ramos, 18, barricaded himself inside a classroom filled with children and fired shots at police officers whenever they attempted to approach him. Victor Escalon is the South Texas regional director of the South Texas Department of Public Safety.

He said that the first officers to enter the building were already fired up. “They don’t get in because they are getting gunfire, but we have officers asking for additional resources. Anybody that is in the initial area will see tactical teams and need equipment. We also need special equipment. We need body armor. We need precision riflemen [and] negotiators. They’re calling for help to solve the problem immediately and stop it from getting worse. At this time, they are also evacuating personnel. Personnel, students, and teachers are what I mean. There are many things going on. It’s a complex situation.”

It seems simple from afar. Children’s lives were at risk and the priorities of the officers seemed very off.

It was not helpful that Texas officials were ambiguous about the exact timeline of the shooting. Victor Escalon was the South Texas Regional Director of the Department of Public Safety. He contradicted the information given the previous day. Paula also wrote about this:

Steve McCraw, Texas’ director of public safety claimed that Ramos was approached by an armed school security guard but they did not exchange gunfire. McCraw claimed that a Texas director of public safety said on Wednesday that an armed school security officer “encountered” Ramos but did not exchange gunfire with him. Escalon said that a video taken by officials shows that the shooter “walked into the building unobstructed at first and fired upwards of 25 rounds.”

Although it is well-known that I am pro-law enforcement (see yesterday’s Briefing), this is very upsetting, especially considering the treatment of the parents. The torture for grieving parents is only being made worse by the law enforcement officials’ incoherence to the truth.

The reputation of law enforcement as a whole is also at risk. Imagine what those of us who are long-supportive police officers are feeling now.

Everyone, be safe over the weekend, and on Memorial Day, we thank all of the veterans who put their life on the line for our country.