Timeline Shifts Again in Uvalde School Shooting


Officials briefed the media on Thursday, updating the timeline of events leading to the horrific massacre at Robb Elementary school, Uvalde Texas, Tuesday. Salvador Ramos (18), killed 19 children and two educators.

Victor Escalon served as the South Texas Regional Director of the Department of Public Safety. According to Escalon, there are many pieces to the investigation and a lot of information.

He stated that the Texas Rangers are leading the investigation into the shooting with support from ATF, FBI, and CBP.

This is the most current account from Texas authorities (all-time Central).

11.01 AM: Ramos calls a girl from America he met online and tells her he loves her.

11:21 AM: Ramos sends the teenager a text to inform her of his plans to kill his grandmother and “shoot up an elementary school”. According to police, Ramos killed his grandmother and left her in critical condition in a San Antonio hospital.

11:28 AM: Ramos’ vehicle was involved in a collision. This occurred at 11:20 AM.

Ramos climbs out of his passenger seat and makes his way toward the funeral home. Then he starts shooting at people parking in the lot.

Ramos then walks to Robb Elementary School and then jumps over the fence to his west.

11.40 AM: Ramos arrives unimpeded at the school and immediately starts firing. Escalon stated that the school gets a lot of rounds.

Texas’ director for public safety Steve McCraw stated that Ramos was approached and fired at by an armed school security staff member. However, they did not exchange fire. Escalon stated that officials have a video that shows the shooter “walking into the building and firing upwards of 25 bullets.”

11:43 AM: Robb Elementary School goes into lockdown just three minutes later. Uvalde Police has posted a Facebook message advising people to stay away from the school.

11:44 AM: Police officers arrive at Ramos’ school four minutes after Ramos entered. Escalon stated that they hear gunfire, take shots, then move back to cover and approach the area where Ramos is. According to the information I have [Ramos], Ramos entered at 11:40. He walked about 20 feet, 30ft. Then he turns right and walks another 20 feet to reach a schoolroom.

He said that officers were present and were shot at first. However, officers have requested additional resources. There are tactical teams that require equipment. We also require special equipment and body armor. They are also evacuating people. Students, teachers, and personnel are all affected.

Escalon said that negotiators attempted to reach Ramos at this time. Escalon stated there was little gunfire, other than trying to keep the officers away.

Between Ramos’ death and entry, police engaged in gunfire and negotiations.

He denied that reports were true and that parents waited outside police stations begging for their children’s safety.

12:17 PM: Uvalde Consolidated Independent Schools District sends messages to Facebook and Twitter alerting the public about the active-shooter situation in the school.

12:35 PM: Approximately an hour later, U.S. Border tactical teams arrive. Escalon stated they made entry and killed the suspect.

1:06 PM – Two hours after receiving their initial police call, Uvalde Police Department posted on its Facebook page that the shooter was “in custody”.

It is very difficult. Escalon said that it was difficult to accept.

Daniel Rodriguez (Uvalde Chief Police Officer) asked for patience as they continue their investigation.

He wrote that he was happy to let the community know that Uvalde-CISD officers and our officers were both there within minutes. “The suspect shot UPD officers responding to the call. This is a relief for the entire department.

He stated that he understood all the questions about what had happened. Rest assured, I will be able to answer all of your questions once the investigation has concluded.

After an attack like this, it’s not unusual to see new facts or timelines change. We have questions about the response of the police to the shooting.

We are still waiting for concrete answers. Please continue praying for the survivors’ families, and the children who were traumatized by this incident.