This Russian Propaganda Video Is Hilarious, and It’s Not Un-American to Admit It’s Funny


A clever piece of Russian propaganda went viral earlier this month. This satirical video targets Russian citizens or ethnically Russian Ukrainians who might be considering emigrating to America. The video slams the idea that defectors will somehow find greater freedom in America and portrays the once fountain of liberty as an oppressed state under the control of woke insanity.

This video features a Russian family in an airplane as they finally fulfill their dream to move to the United States. The Americans, however, disabuse the family of their immigrant dreams in a short time. Here’s the video

Russian Commercial About Moving to America.mp4 from You Know it When You See It on Vimeo.

This is actually a decent comedy. The United States has dominated by people who see marriage as a husband/wife relationship. Some Americans dress up and act like slobs in public. Liberals often apologize to black people and vegetarians sometimes shame meat-eaters. It’s hilarious to see the entire family jumping out of the plane and apologizing to Mother Russia. They then say they’re coming back. It’s almost sad. I wish there was a functioning, traditional United States for us to parachute back into.

“This is my impression, and what I see in Putin’s speeches to internal consumption: freedom sells. A Russian-speaking friend told me about the video and that it was even available in Russia. “But we are hesitant to sell this here, and why?

My friend wonders, “Is this the thought that comes to my mind?” “ARE we still a shining example of freedom for all the rest of the globe?”

Sometimes I have wondered about that too. The United States sends sexualized crossdressers to entertain children. It embraces globalist socialist green ideas while suppressing wealth. It exports abortion and LGBTQ dogma and even has what looks like political prisoners these days. Is America still a shining example of goodness and freedom? It is not unusual to ask.