Thrown Under the Bus: Donna Brazile Doubts Joe Biden’s Fitness


Joe Biden doesn’t worry about his chances of reelection.

Before you start pointing to the poll numbers or the increasing number of Democrats heading towards the lifeboats aboard the sinking S.S. Joe Biden let me clarify: I don’t think he’s worried about his chances for reelection because I believe he doesn’t know what’s going on. The last two weeks of his public appearances have shown us this if nothing else. Donna Brazile, the former DNC chair and prominent Democrat, seems to be the newest Democrat to climb over the rail.

She continued:

We understand that the stakes are high. We know the stakes. We know what’s at stake.

She admitted that there is “a lot of anger” in her party at the moment.

She is correct, she’s right. It’s a difficult time for Democrats. They have no good options left to try and salvage this presidential race.

I wrote a piece a few days ago on the idea that the Democrats would be best to give up now. It’s time to bow out and concede the presidential election of this year. Then, adjust your mindset to four more years with Trump. They may be able to have a chance in 2028 if they use their four years of political wilderness to build a team that doesn’t only appeal to the urban cohorts and coastal elites. It’s not that I would normally advise an adversary, but the DNC doesn’t seem to be listening to me. There’s no stopping the Democrats from literally leaving their party, despite the protestations of some members.

It’s impossible to ignore, hide, or obfuscate Joe Biden’s decline after the terrible debate and George Stephanopoulos’ interview. Oh, his family has circled the wagons. Some Democrats have been conspicuously loyal. Mostly those who believe they can gain something by remaining in the good graces with the Bidens (think Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, who look enviously on the Resolute desk).

When Donna Brazile openly calls out the President’s decline…

S.S. Joe Biden had leaked from the minute it entered the water. The old tub has become more decrepit and leaky in recent years. On June 27, 2024, it hit an iceberg and began taking on water quickly. George Stephanopoulos’ interview shattered the old tub’s hull. Now it is sinking. Democrats have every right to worry. The Democrats are right to head for the lifeboats because they know that continuing their current course will only result in a loss for them – and we feel sure, a victory for the Republic.