TikTok Scrambles To Delete Video Shown In Congress Minutes Earlier


TikTok worked quickly Thursday to delete a user profile that was associated with an individual whose TikTok had been used during a Congressional hearing just minutes before.

Shou Zi Chew, TikTok CEO, testified before House Energy and Commerce Committee in the face of pressure from ByteDance to sell the platform.

Kat Cammack, the Florida Republican Rep., claimed that China’s Communist Party’s “ties with TikTok are more important than a national security risk – they pose a threat for every American. The entire @HouseCommerce Committee was actually threatened with violence by a TikTok user a few weeks ago. This app should make every American frightened.

Cammack then played a video that had been uploaded by “user62013318258”. It was captioned “Me Asf at the House Energy and Commerce Committee 03/23/2023”, and featured a cartridge feed. This implied a shooting.

“Mr. “Mr. According to your community guidelines, you state that you are against TikTok violence. We don’t allow anyone to use our platform for violence inciting or threat. ‘”

She continued, “This video has been online for 41 days. It’s a direct threat the chairwoman of the committee and the people in this room, but it remains on the platform.” “You expect us to believe you are capable of protecting the data privacy of 150 millions Americans, when you can’t protect the people in the room?”

Cammack’s speech was followed by the removal of the user from TikTok.