TikToker Alleges Massive Cover Up of Train Derailment Environmental Disaster


Last week, a train accident in East Palestine caused a massive explosion that released toxic chemicals into our atmosphere. Local TikToker stated that the horrors of the train derailment are being concealed and that the public has been misled.

She says, “I see so many people talking about the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio” and the viral video is a great example of this. She explained that she had friends who lived near the area.

“It is so much worse than what the media is telling any of us,” she continues. “I’m getting reports from people that are down there right now, that they’re literally seeing schools of fish floating down streams, rivers, f—ing dead.”

TikToker shared a video she received from a friend showing fish floating in a river. She claimed that the water had a “pretty chemical rainbow sheen,” even though the water isn’t contaminated.

CBS Pittsburg confirmed the existence of dead fish in the area’s streams.

Even more troubling is the inability of the town to receive the help it needs.

“The restaurant that I work at was in another state. We had to give food to the church because Red Cross workers had not arrived. All firefighters working in the fire department are now without food or support. ”

The woman said that residents who are forced from their homes have no food, water, or accommodation.

She insists that it is worse than they are telling her. They lie about it to civilians and claim it’s safe.

FEMA may not be on the site. Federal aid is not being provided. FEMA’s website does not list East Palestine and Ohio as a disaster. Joe Biden hasn’t made a declaration.

I also cannot find any evidence that would refute the claims of TikToker. Why haven’t they declared it a catastrophe and allowed federal assistance?

Biden’s administration appears not to be concerned. Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, addressed the National Association of Counties Conference Monday. The topic of derailment wasn’t brought up.

Buttigieg joked that it couldn’t have been more exciting for transport. “It’s been a difficult time […] There were issues with container shipping, and cancellations by airlines. Buttigieg stated that this was the most exciting time in transportation.

Nina Turner is a former state representative who is also a Democrat activist and is curious about Where Buttigieg IS.

It’s amazing that Pete Buttigieg is having so much fun while the East Palestine community of Ohio is struggling.