Tim Ryan Besmirches the Name ‘Buckeye’


I love where I live, but at the same time, I often pine for my homeland of Southwestern Ohio. I miss the rolling hills, the green fields, the ravines, caves, waterfalls, and hidden grottoes that can be found around any given corner in a state park.

But, I’m sure that I would be at odds if I were back home with all my childhood friends. Ryan was elected as my state representative, which I regret.

According to The Free Beacon, Ryan is a strong supporter of EVs for small people and has been driving a 2020 GMC because he wanted to avoid Buckeye state. Another campaign staffer stated that Tim loved his UAW-built Tahoe but would not trade it for J.D.’s $70,000 BMW. Vance around Ohio.

Ryan’s Marie-Antoinette fuel strategy aside, he also vacated Ohio to raise money for a Hollywood charity. ”

If Ryan is your neighbor, you know his values, and you know his friends. Ohio can produce better senators or congressmen.