Time to Launch Rescue Operations at Children’s Gender Clinics


California law SB 107, which was passed on New Year’s Day in California, went into effect. It effectively made the state a safe haven for children who believe they can change their gender. When the bill passed last October I wrote:

On Thursday, Gavin Newsom signed SB-107 into Law. This makes California a sanctuary state for minors who need psychological and medical assistance in their delusional quest for the opposite sex. Once a child is confused or manipulated, the state has the right to “temporary emergency jurisdiction” and can grant the state temporary authority over them “because the child cannot obtain gender-affirming medical care or mental health care.”

This tragic event is connected to another story that has been unfolding over the last few years. James Younger, a Texas resident, has been fighting for custody of his two sons with his ex-wife Anne Georgulas. Anne Georgulas (pediatrician) has been transitioning James, a seven-year-old boy, into Luna, a girl. Younger has been fighting to save James from his mother’s manipulation. But the Texas court just gave her permission to move the boys to California.

Even if there’s no contentious divorce, many parents are willing to risk their lives for their children by joining the trans train. Studies show that gender dysmorphia is a common condition in children, with 60% to 94% of them overcoming it. Almost all of the children who are put on puberty blockers eventually take cross-sex hormones. It is obvious that young children are pushed by woke culture to believe they may be happier with the opposite sex. The affirmation-happy medical community then locks them in for the rest of their lives. It is a vicious cycle.

Many children don’t have a caring adult to guide them. Even competent parents can be influenced by the push to transgender their children and the pseudo-medical jargon it is packaged in. Trans-mongers exploit this natural evolution to lock the children in a lifetime of mental and medical limitations. Operation Rescue is a successful pro-life organization. Now it’s time for us to take the lead and stand up for the children at the trans clinic entrance. Some of them may hear the other side only at this place. Transgender patients and their families will be able to visit multiple times and make changes, unlike in an abortion clinic.

Here are some suggestions for running an intervention demonstration that is effective:


Remember, you’re the wise ones. It’s easy to act like it. Avoid symbolism and religious garb — many people distrust the church. Instead, you should focus on a scientifically-based, rational presentation. Your voice should be friendly and soothing. The Rainbow Troopers will no doubt show up to counter-protest and escort families to the butcher shop. They can be as hideous and outrageous as they like, but their technicolor freak show is too distracting. Most children have an innate aversion to clowns.


As you can see, once the Rainbow Shirts arrive, they will be aggressive toward brave souls who are against their agenda. Place your largest protestors on the fringe of the group nearest to the clown show.


To appeal to families who visit clinics, recruit de-transitioners. They can testify about the negative effects of something families believe will solve their problems.


Your signs could be the only way that some children (and their parents) will see the ugly truths about the transgender craze. They should be concise and effective. Some examples:

  • Chemical Castration = Puberty Blockers
  • Permanent Harm from Puberty Blockers
  • What if you’re wrong?
  • Gender Dysphoria is outgrown by most children
  • SexChangeRegret.com offers help

Pro-life movements have settled the legal issues surrounding protesting at clinic entrances. The clinic entrance could be the best place to fight for these children’s futures, as the transgender craze continues to claim more children.