To Prove a Point Male Powerlifting Coach Crushes Female Bench Record Previously Set by Male Transsexual


Ann Andres is a biological male who claims to be a woman. He has placed first in multiple women’s weightlifting competitions in Canada and holds the record for women’s benches in the province of Alberta. He has gone so far in recent months as to ridicule the real women who compete against him.

Avi Silverberg, Team Canada’s male powerlifting coach, has clearly had enough of men moving to women’s sports and gender self-identification policies for powerlifting. He temporarily identified himself as transgender over the weekend and destroyed Andres’ record.

Andres holds the Alberta power lift record for deadlifts and bench presses in the women’s categories.

Open Powerlifting reports that Andres’ personal records are 440.9 pounds for squats, 275.5 pounds for the bench, and 545.6 for deadlifts.

Since 2019, the transsexual athlete has won 8 of the 9 female competitions he entered.

The Independent Council on Women’s Sports is an advocacy group that seeks to protect women’s sports from male infiltrators. It stated that public outrage grew after Andres insulted his competitors and claimed that the women’s bench was “so bad”.

In a video shared on Instagram, Andres stated that “Why is the women’s bench so terrible?” It’s not like me. We all know I’m a tranny freak, so it doesn’t matter. Mackenzie Lee is not the one we are referring to, she has tiny T-rex arms, and 400 pounds of chest muscles.

“Standard bench in powerlifting competition for women, I literally don’t know why it’s so bad,” Andres reiterated. “My son weighs 45 pounds. His max bench is like 33, I’m legit seeing some women in the competition who are doing something like 50 pounds, and I just don’t understand it.”

Avi Silverberg is the head coach of Team Canada Powerlifting. He started in 2012. Since then, he has coached more than 4,500 competitors in international competitions.

Silverberg, who was temporarily identified as a woman on March 25, decided to identify as such — not to treat possible dysphoria but to protest. The transgender was then invited to the Heroes Classic Powerlifting Meet, in Lethbridge, Alberta.

According to reports, the meeting adhered to the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s policy on gender self-identification that was announced earlier in this year.

According to the policy, individuals participating in recreational and development sports should be able to identify themselves as the gender they choose and not have to disclose personal information. This is in contrast to the requirements for cisgender athletes. There should not be any requirement to undergo hormone therapy or surgery.

The document stated that “Hormone therapy should never be required for an individual in order to participate in high-performance sport.” “A person should not have to reveal their trans identity or past to the organization to be able to take part in high-performance sports.”

Silverberg, who had used the same gender policy as Andres, then watched Andres and tested the record of the transsexual athlete.

Andres’ record was broken by the male coach, who also lifted nearly 100 pounds. Andres had previously lifted 275 pounds. Silverberg casually lifted 370 pounds.

Twitter: The Independent Council on Women’s Sports reported that Avi Silverberg had just broken the Alberta WOMEN’s Bench Press Record in the 84+kg category at the ‘Heroes Classic.

ICONS stated to Reduxx that Avi pointed out that policies allowing women access to sports are destroying any integrity in women’s competitions.

It doesn’t matter what Avi thinks or expresses about himself. The women’s advocacy group added that he clearly doesn’t belong in women’s sports and neither does any other man, regardless of his motivation.

Greg Doucette, a Canadian weightlifter, and YouTuber praised Silverberg’s protest. He stated, “How long until the powers that be suddenly wake up and smell the coffee, and realize that if your mother is a woman, you are not going to have the same power, strength, and height as a man if you are a male.”

Doucette stated, “To me, it is very simple. We create a separate category and a new category called the trans category.”