Tragic Discovery: Pregnant Mother and Toddler Found Dead in Idaho Home


Idaho Police reported that a 33-year-old mother and her 2-year-old child were found dead at their home on Wednesday evening.

Shoshone Sheriff’s office responded to a Wallace, Idaho home at 8:27 pm local time after receiving a report of a fatality. On arrival, officers found the bodies of Elizabeth Lawley with her son. Both had gunshot wounds. According to KREM2, police said she was several months pregnant.

In a statement released by the department, Holly Lindsey, Shoshone County’s Sheriff, said: “I have never seen SCSO members so depressed, or so empathetic. We shared many hugs and tears.”

“Today has been a very difficult day for my family, our office, and this community.” “I can only imagine the pain that this family must be going through,” she said.

Lawley is likely to have killed her son first, before killing herself. On Sunday, the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident was still being investigated.

Lindsey stated in the statement that “I’m the Sheriff and I am obligated to inform the citizens of Shoshone County about this tragic incident.” “However, I cannot in good conscience cause the family any further pain by discussing it any further.” “This will be our final comment on this tragedy.”

“I’m sleep-deprived, but can’t help thinking how precious life is. Don’t forget to kiss your spouse, hug and check on your children. Call your parents, siblings, and other family members.”

“Be safe and look after each other.”

According to KREM2, Wallace Mayor Lynn Mogensen praised the local authorities that responded to the scene. She said she wanted to thank the first responders for their efforts during this difficult period.

Local media reported that the Idaho State Police was assisting the Sheriff’s Office with the investigation.