Trump Campaign Ratchets Up Pressure for Debates, Biden Camp’s Response Raises Eyebrows


There’s a good reason why Donald Trump’s campaign and candidate are pushing for more debates and earlier ones. The Biden campaign is strangely silent on this topic. Both reasons are, in fact, the same – Joe Biden’s obvious and ongoing mental and physical decline.

Fox News reported in an exclusive Thursday that it had obtained a letter from the Trump campaign, addressed to the co-chairs of The Commission on Presidential Debates, Frank Farenkopf Jr., and Antonia Hernández, requesting more debates and earlier ones between the two candidates.

The Trump campaign wants to hold additional presidential debates in 2024, and they should take place “much sooner” than originally proposed by the debate committee. Former President Trump told Fox News Digital he was “totally committed” to debating President Biden, “anytime, anywhere.”

Fox News Digital has exclusively obtained the letter that Trump’s co-campaign managers Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita, and Frank Farenkopf Jr. sent to Antonia Hernandez and Frank Farenkopf Jr.

Wiles and LaCivita informed the commission that they wrote “in agreement with a pending letter”, reported by The New York Times. “from television networks urging presidential debates in 2024.”

They wrote: “While the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that three presidential debates and one vice-presidential discussion would take place later this year we support these debates starting much earlier.”

The Trump campaign claimed that early voting was taking place in many states, which is why the debates were moved.

Wiles and LaCivita first said that “voting begins earlier and earlier. As we saw in 2020 tens and millions of Americans were already voting by the time the debate began.”

It’s not surprising that the Biden campaign is quiet about the issue, given their candidate’s current state.

Donald Trump was heavily criticized by the other Republican candidates when he refused to participate in the Republican primary debates. Trump claimed that he was unable to attend the debates because of his first term in office and his poll rankings. However, the process has now ended and Trump was right in assuming he would be the nominee. The general election has begun, regardless of the party conventions. Trump has stated repeatedly that he would be willing to debate Joe Biden anytime and anywhere.

Ronald Reagan’s debates with Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale in 1980 and 1984 were notable for their great arguments.

Major television networks also push for an agreement on a schedule of debates.

Joe Biden isn’t up to the debates. He is no longer competent. He would do badly in a discussion against Trump.

Joe Biden is the first layer in this onion. Under his leadership, inflation has skyrocketed; illegal immigration has increased in numbers. Trump can, and should, attack the incumbent on issues such as the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, or his repeated appeasement towards Iran.

Biden is the second layer. To put it bluntly: The man is losing his mind. He displays all signs of dementia, including sudden outbursts of anger, difficulty with word-finding, disorientation in space, and confusion. He is unfit for his job and having him share the stage with Trump, who is more energetic, will only make this clearer.

Donald Trump is the final layer, and he is the one who can bring the most tears to the Biden campaign’s eyes. He is a fighter who loves a good fight. There aren’t many better political pugilists on the scene today. He believes he has been robbed of a second term, and he will be ready to take on Biden in front of the crowd. The Biden administration, over the past three years, has given him plenty to work with.

The Biden campaign is yet to commit to even a single debate with Donald Trump. That’s telling. Joe Biden can’t be kept in the basement for much longer. And while it seems that they are bringing him out more frequently to appear on a scripted, screened basis, this can’t go on. He will have to kiss that baby sooner or later. This won’t be good for him.