Trump Rages Against ‘Election Interference’ Before NYC Deposition


Former president and current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to the press before his testimony in a New York City court today, accusing Democrats of “political warfare” and “election interference” in their never-ending legal suits and indictments against him. Trump also refused to back down, promising, “We’ll fight very hard for our country.”

Former President Trump is facing a lawsuit that accuses Trump’s children, and his associates, of “fraud and false representation” in financial statements. This allegation has been hotly debated. Trump, in his Monday court testimony, called the Soros-funded New York Attorney Letitia James who filed the lawsuit a “racist AG”. He implied that Democrats’ priorities were out of sync in a world plagued by crisis.

Trump said, “So, while Israel and Ukraine are being attacked while inflation is eating up our country, I’m here, facing political opponents from the Biden administration,” Trump started. Trump cited polls from CBS News, the New York Times, and other sources that showed him “leading everywhere” in the race for the presidency. He said, “This is election interference. The trial is ridiculous.” Referring to the legal warfare he is facing.

Trump claimed that his opponents had vastly undervalued his property. “The figures are greater than the financial statement. We have already proved that Mar-a-Lago was worth more than $18 million. It is probably worth 50 to 100 times that amount. It’s a horrible, terrible thing,” said the Republican presidential frontrunner, adding “I’m going deal with these political operatives right now.”

Mike Davis, a Republican lawyer, explained previously that a tennis court at Mar-a-Lago was valued at $18 million. Therefore the entire estate is worth much more. Real estate experts shocked by the absurd $18 million valuation of Mar-a-Lago in September stated that Mar-a-Lago will last for at minimum $300 million.

Trump said that the trial was “very sad for our country,” and that “we shouldn’t be having this.” This is a very unfair situation for third-world countries.

Trump said that despite the fact that “we’ve never seen anything like it before,” he isn’t deterred. We’ll do well in all aspects, we’ll be elected, and we will Make America Great Again.

According to the Post Millennial, James used typical Democrat language to criticize Trump. He accused him of “taunts” and “race-baiting.” James, who received at least $20,000 from radical leftist George Soros, the financier of the anti-Semitic movements in the United States and Europe.

Fox News reported that Soros’s daughter-in-law and son Jonathan, as well as ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, a supporter of Obama/Clinton/Biden, and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and an anti-Trump activist, also contributed to James. Fox News noted that Soros has “poured millions of dollars” into efforts to support Biden and oppose Trump, adding another point for those who claim that James is engaged in political targeting instead of an objective lawsuit.

The Post Millennial reported that in July 2021 Trump stated that he had put Donald Jr. as the trustee of the trust because “he was impressive as a businessman, as was Eric. I thought that I would do this while I continued with politics.” Trump continued, “I’d look at them, see them, and maybe have some suggestions on occasion,” but insisted that “We will explain this as the trial progresses.” This insane trial continues. We’re bringing the bankers in. They are very big bankers. “They will tell you exactly how they work.”

The New York fraud case is just one of many cases the Democrats and the Biden administration brought against Trump. Trump is Joe Biden’s main rival for the presidency.