Trump Says in New Interview He’s Willing to Include RFK Jr. in First Presidential Debate


In an exclusive interview conducted with Scripps News Service Thursday, former president Donald Trump expressed his willingness to include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the independent candidate in the two presidential debates scheduled with President Joe Biden:

In an exclusive interview given to Scripps News, Donald Trump stated that he had “no problems” with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sharing the stage in a debate if he met the threshold for polling.

Charles Benson, a political correspondent at Scripps News, made the comments just one day after Trump and Biden agreed to hold two debates. The first debate will be hosted on CNN on June 27, and the second on ABC News on September 10.

Trump told Benson that, if Kennedy met CNN’s criteria for the first matchup (June), he was open to a three-way discussion.


Trump said to Benson, “I wouldn’t have a problem if he reached the threshold.” “But he is very low, and seems to be going in the opposite direction, the wrong direction.”

CNN announced that the candidates need to receive at least 15% in four polls and appear on sufficient state ballots to reach 270 Electoral College Votes — the number required to win the White House.

Kennedy’s campaign claims it has been officially placed on the ballot for six states, and that they have enough signatures to qualify for another eight.

The President Biden campaign released a 14-second, awkwardly edited and cut-heavy ad showing him voicing his confidence in the outcome of the debate.

The debates seem to be tightly controlled. There will be no audience and candidates’ microphones are shut off when they’re not speaking. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as the moderators are not impartial when it comes to Trump. The microphone being turned off could be to Trump’s advantage, since in the debates of 2020, many people were likely put off by the way the President spoke over and interrupted his opponent. Biden could benefit from the lack of audience with its distractions and feedback. Trump is well known for his ability to work an audience.

A third candidate at the debate would also be an advantage for the former president. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is more likely to be seen as an alternative candidate to Biden since he doesn’t have the disadvantage of being senile.


Peter Doocy, Fox News White House Correspondent, pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to explain why the Biden Campaign agreed to debate Trump. The Press Secretary didn’t directly answer.

CBS has offered to host a vice-presidential debate. The Biden campaign accepted this offer. Former President Trump will announce his choice for vice president at the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled to take place in July.