Trump’s Border Security Ad Hits Airwaves


The first Republican presidential debate in 2024 will officially begin in Milwaukee, but former president Donald Trump will not be in the room.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump will not be present Wednesday evening.

Trump, who had previously said he would not “do debates,” announced on Sunday that an interview pre-recorded with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson would be shown on Wednesday night as a counter-programming for the actual debate.

Trump PAC MAGA Inc. released a 30-second advertisement on Tuesday attacking Joe Biden, the Biden border crisis, and delivering the message that only Donald Trump is capable of securing the border, stopping the Mexican drug cartels, and putting an end to deadly fentanyl crossing the border.

The narrator begins the advertisement:

The reason Donald Trump is dominating the race? What he did for us, and what he’ll do for us. He secured our border.

Sent 5,000 troops to stop drugs and criminals.

But, Joe Biden’s screwed it up.

Drugs are flowing into our neighborhoods. Killing kids.

President Trump will secure our border, again.

Plans to declare war on the cartels. And destroy them – like he did ISIS.

President Trump will keep us safe.

You must agree that this is a very good advertisement.


Donald Trump, as I mentioned above, will not be participating in the Milwaukee debate on Wednesday, but he is likely to be the Republican presidential candidate who gets the most attention that evening.

Trump is going to be everywhere. From the Tucker Carlson talking heads in media to keyboard jockeys all over, to a 30-second commercial that will surely get attention, even from Trump himself.