Tucker Carlson’s Brutal Takedown of Nikki Haley Caught on Video


After the Iowa caucuses there have been many interesting reactions, including those who think that former president Donald Trump will be the nominee. Vivek Raaswamy, and Sen. Ted Cruz, both of whom endorsed Trump.

Vivek even accompanied him to New Hampshire to encourage voters to vote for him.

Tucker Carlson who supports Trump noted that Trump’s victory was historic. However, the media reacted with some hilarious reactions, with Chris Wallace looking sick and Joy Reid accusing “white Christians” of being racist in Iowa.

He observed that they were distraught.

He warned Haley that she might do better in New Hampshire because she spent far more money there than Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis is there. She has also the support of N.H. Governor. Chris Sununu. He claimed that Haley received a large amount of money from “committed Democratic Party members.” She has received money from Democratic megadonor Reid Hoffman who is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein and a former supporter of Joe Biden. He also founded the E. Jean Carroll case. He has also donated to American Bridge.

Carlson stated that Haley was not a conservative, and explained why. He cited her Aspen Institute remarks, which he claimed indicated that she had a weak response to the illegal immigration crisis. He didn’t believe she had a conservative response to the BLM protests. Carlson also criticized her for her stance on climate change and the spending on Ukraine. Carlson was most upset by her belief that people must register on social media. He criticized this as a non-conservative position.

Tucker pointed out that New Hampshire’s “open primary” system could allow Democrats to help elect the nominee of the “Republican”. He believes that if she wins New Hampshire she could convince non-Trump donors not to support DeSantis, but to switch to her. Haley will be the next in line if anything happens to Trump.

In Iowa, there was already some confusion about the Haley wing. David Plouffe, Obama’s advisor and former White House aide, encouraged people to do this to stop Trump. He didn’t say he knew if it worked, but that he hoped the primary would be extended (costing Trump and Republicans more money).

Even if they tried to remove their main opponent from the ballot, Democrats would not hold back.

We may again see crossovers in New Hampshire. If Trump wins, or if he wins decisively I think it will be harder to use this tactic to help Haley. Trump’s victory in Iowa could also deter that tactic, as more people begin to rally around him. In about a week, we’ll know.