Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Corruption After Paul Pelosi’s Latest Questionable Stock Trade


The Jan. 6 Committee dumpster fire, growing questions about Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter, and the steady decline in the 79-year-old president’s mental capacity, all now play out daily for the entire world to see. Life at Pelosi Inc. remains unchanged; corrupt as heck.

According to Speaker Pelosi’s disclosure filing, the latest episode of Pelosi Inc. began on June 17. Paul Pelosi purchased between $1 million and $5 million shares of Nvidia. This is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, according to Jim Thompson. Madam Speaker’s periodic transaction report shows that hubby Paul purchased 200 options or 20,000 shares, making him millions.

Paul Pelosi had a very difficult June. Do you mean his DUI arrest after causing an accident?

You know this wasn’t the first Pelosi Incorporated rodeo. Paul Pelosi made many questionable stock trades while his wife was the most powerful lawmaker on Capitol Hill. Coincidence? It is.

We reported Thursday that Republican Senator Josh Hawley (Mo. ), wrote a letter to Gary Peters (D.Mich.), requesting a hearing on bipartisan proposals to ban insider trade — the trading of stock in public companies’ stock by anyone with non-public, material data about it — by members and spouses of Congress. Nancy Pelosi was unable to comment.

Tulsi Gabbard, a former Hawaii Democrat Representative and a possible future candidate for the 2020 presidential election, called out Nancy Pelosi’s “blatant corruption” Thursday. She told Fox News host Jesse Watters that “the system is rigged.”

This is exactly what I saw in Congress. It is the same corruption that we see in the open — the system is rigged. We have people who are in positions of power to pass legislation and enact new policies.

They can see that these are the companies or industries that will be benefited. I will make these investments and buy stock. Or, my spouse or husband can do it. Then, I will make some money.

Gabbard did not comment on the Pelosi insider trading scandal, but she stated that she had introduced legislation during her term which would have tightened restrictions on suspicious securities trading by legislators and their families.

Watters suggested by Gabbard that insider trading could be a way for Congress members and their families to reap more profits in the event there is a new Cold War.

It’s important to also look at these, especially given the current environment. Even more concerning than the situation we are seeing is that members of Congress are investing in industries or companies that could benefit from a new Cold War or conflict.

These are the exact same people who make the policies. They have a vested interest in stoking tensions and promoting this new Cold War. This directly benefits them and also undermines our national security and the American people’s interests.

Nancy Pelosi has not yet spoken.


Although Nancy and Paul are not the first to profit from insider trading due to pending legislation, they are the richest with an estimated net worth exceeding $135 million.

Hell, Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have a paltry net worth of only $8 million. It is laughable. Hunter Biden, however, is still doing his thing. We don’t know how many million “Pedo Peter” is, but we do know that he has someplace.

Maybe Joe has a lot of money in Hunter’s paintings and future crack deals.