Tulsi Gabbard’s Explosive New Book Exposes Congress and the ‘National Security State’


Does Congress do its job?

We are aware that congress members are involved in a constant cycle of fundraising and campaigns. It’s evident in their speeches and press releases. We also see it on social media. Members, especially those in the House, are constantly on a hamster wheel of doing whatever it takes to remain in power. We see this in their speeches, press releases, social media posts, and headlines they craft from appearances on cable news channels.

Are members of Congress doing their jobs?

Tulsi Gabrield, a former Hawaii representative in Congress for eight years, is well-versed in the power corridors. Gabbard’s explosive book “For Love of Country: Leave the Democrat Party Behind” reveals Congress for what it is – a group of wealthy individuals who are willing to abandon their jobs so that they can keep the power and wealth that comes with their jobs.

Gabbard cites as an example how Congress is no longer a check and balance on the power of executive branch agencies, including national security agencies, under its jurisdiction. Rep. Frank Church formed a committee in the 1970s to investigate allegations that the FBI, CIA, and NSA had violated Americans’ civil liberties. Gabbard claims that the Church Committee gathered extensive evidence and testimony to build a strong case against these agencies. Reforms were made, but they weren’t permanent, as is often the case with the government.

Rahm Emanuel’s infamous statement: “You never want a crisis to be wasted”. “And by this, I mean an opportunity to accomplish things you thought you couldn’t do before.”

Since the Church Committee report, America has experienced two major crises. Almost no one in the government allowed either crisis to be wasted.

Gabbard writes that the first was 9/11. The tragedy of those attacks left America reeling. It was now up against a foreign enemy, but one that was also clearly here in America. The majority of hijackers were on visas. Some of the hijackers had studied in our universities or flight schools. Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind this plot, spent time in Texas as well as other parts of America. Terrorists were fueled by a hatred that began with the Muslim Brotherhood. They killed nearly 3,000 people and sought to destroy America.

Bush’s administration and both parties of Congress, according to Gabbard, swiftly passed legislation based on the wish list of the national security state. Gabbard writes that the Patriot Act is a tragic erosion of civil rights in America, giving letter agencies the power to spy on us all for no or little reason. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been weaponized and secret court rarely considers agency requests before rubber stamping them in more than 99 percent of cases.

The same FISA court acted upon false allegations that Donald Trump, the then-GOP nominee for president at the time, was in collusion with Russia to win the presidency. Now we know this was not only false but that it was based upon fake evidence purchased and paid for with Hillary Clinton’s knowledge by her allies and the campaign. She has never been charged for either this or her deliberate and systemic misuse of classified data via her computer server.

As Gabbard writes in her article, the Democrat Party has weaponized false allegations about Trump and Russia during his presidency. They continue to weaponize the law enforcement state and national security against him, his supporters, and his allies to this day. Evidence enough is the 91 indictments Trump is facing – from partisan Democrat prosecutors. Sealing the case are the long sentences handed out to participants of the January 6 while leftists routinely disrupt democratic processes at local, state, and federal levels with impunity. 50 far-left Code Pink protesters and other protesters who disrupted recent Senate proceedings and were arrested. The protesters were almost immediately back in the streets and won’t face any long-term charges.

It is not the point that they should. The point is not that they should. Leftists, on the other hand, do not and will never respect civil rights because Democrats who once championed them have abandoned them to their quest for unlimited power.

COVID was the second crisis that the government couldn’t resist to use to increase its power. Our businesses were disrupted and the government began to censor us in flagrant violation of the First Amendment. We could not let this crisis go to waste. The Biden administration continues to push for censorship, from Fox News – which they would like shut down – to your tweets and posts on Facebook.

Gabbard bravely explains the precarious position Americans are in. One of the two major political parties in America no longer represents our civil rights. Democrats today put party over country and retain power over doing the job they were elected to do. When a Democrat occupies the White House, they no longer act as a check against power. They are puppets for the agenda of the Democrat elites. Gabbard claims that the agenda isn’t freedom but something much more sinister, namely, the end of American Democracy itself.

Gabbard’s “For Love of Country”, a deeply sobering book, is worth reading. Our current times demand clear thinking and courage. They also require real American leadership. Gabbard is all of those things and more.