Turley Debunks Hunter’s Gun Charge Arguments with Samurai Sword Precision, Calls Claims ‘Delusional


Hunter Biden, the First Son of Vice President Joe Biden, might be viewed as a victim by some. Hunter Biden is living in the shadows of his father, who has been in politics almost all of his life. He was a county councilman before becoming a Senator, then he became the vice president for Barack Obama and, now, he’s the president.

Hunter is responsible for most of the problems he faces. He has swindled off his father’s identity, developed a drug addiction, left laptops lying around showing him in a sexually provocative act, and so on.

The federal government has filed three charges against Hunter for his gun purchase in 2018. His lawyers said on Tuesday that the charges against Hunter should be dropped as the case is political and without merit.

He could talk to former president Donald Trump about politically motivated charges. They could share a drink (without alcohol) and commiserate.

Jonathan Turley of Georgetown University Law School, a man of solid analysis, thought Hunter’s argument, which “presents Hunter, as one of most tragic figures since Troy fell,” was utterly absurd.

Hunter Biden is likened to Japanese children interned in camps, undocumented migrants, and murdered descendants of Tsar…

Biden’s attorneys claim in a legal brief that borders on the delusional that the son of President Obama who blew through millions by selling influence is comparable to those unfortunate souls.

Hunter’s sob-story revolves around his claim that he is only charged for the last name of his father. Turley doesn’t buy it:

Hunter has benefited from the Biden brand in a big way, but his lawyer Abbe Lorwell says he is now suffering the “burden of parentage”.

Lowell uses Plyler V. Doe to support his argument. This case involved the provision of free education for children of illegal immigrants. The Constitution” prevents the government from harming children because of the conduct of their parent.”

Joe Biden, you’re right. He is like a father undocumented who brought his child over the border to a better future.

Imagine the reaction of the media if you compared the Trump children with migrant kids.

Turley reveals in his article that the media has a two-tiered view of Trump and Hunter. In the case of the former, they portray him as a rapist, who took millions away from the poor New Yorkers despite there being no aggrieved parties in the sham lawsuit brought by NY DA Letitia.


The media have repeatedly covered Donald Trump’s overblown arguments on issues like immunity. However, the self-aggrandizing demands of the president’s own son for the dismissal his criminal charges seem to receive less attention.

Hunter’s attorneys have completely lost the plot. They think we should sympathize with the man who made millions on dubious business deals abroad despite his lack of experience and had an affair with the late wife of his brother because he is a tragic historical figure.

Then it gets even stranger. Hunter told the court it was precisely his “great privilege” that made children like him, “the target of hatred for this very reason”... “History is full of examples of children of politicians being kidnapped and murdered, either literally (e.g. the murder of Romanovs by Russian Revolutionaries) or metaphorically (e.g. Odysseus killing the son of Crown prince Hector during Troy’s sacking).

Hunter has been a victim of every era.

I mentioned that one could have sympathy for the First Son. He’s not the only person to battle substance abuse. It’s hard to feel sympathy for his actions. He refused to appear in front of Congress despite being served a subpoena, sold his “art” to “buyers” who were questionable, and treated his daughter Navy Joan Roberts as a pariah.

Turley’s assessment is right on — this guy is not a tragic figure from history, he is someone who makes terrible mistakes over and over again while refusing to accept responsibility for them.

Turley points out that “this is the kind of gun charge for which his father advocated strict enforcement.” Spare us your historical figures weeping fest and start acting better.

Scream out for one of the greatest samurais.