Twitter Is Suppressing Hunter Information to Protect The Big Guy


When The New York Post reported the Hunter Biden story in 2019, Twitter turned into an information KGB. It disappeared like a Red Square dissident the moment Hunter’s news appeared. Pravda was responsible for information distribution on Twitter. It propagated propaganda discrediting Hunter news as “classic Russian deception.” MSNBC, CNN, and their loyal DNC mouthpieces also used Twitter. No one was unaware of the irony. Twitter covered the story, while the DNC kept Joe hidden in a basement.

The “disinformation campaign” was actually a campaign to suppress Hunter’s information. Joe is now the president and his son has quietly been brought back into the fold. Hunter was with the First Family to Camp David on the 4th of July. He also attended the Medal of Freedom Awards. But the Hunter hits continue. What has Twitter done to Huntergate? It continues to suppress Huntergate. Hunter is not a trending topic on Twitter. Comments about Hunter from leading conservative voices magically disappeared when they tweeted about it. Dave Rubin was the one to experience it.

Rubin posted last week a video of Bill Maher enjoying a Damascus moment. But let’s face it, Maher is always on the wagon when it feels safe.

Elon Musk observed that Twitter suppressed Hunter news, and tweets miraculously began appearing. Conservatives wanted to view the data

After the deal collapsed (for now), tweets about Hunter began to lose momentum. Although Hunter’s tweets were all over the internet, “Hunter” did not trend.

This didn’t stop Elon Musk, one of the voices Twitter cannot ignore or shadow ban – but it did.

Musk tweeted a photo meme showing a man wearing 10 GoPros on a helmet. The tweet read:

“Hunter Biden whenever he buys crack or hookers”

I did an “advanced” search with the keywords “Hunter Biden” using the @elonmusk account. Here’s the result.

It is possible that the Musk tweet is still there. Although a search by other people might yield better results for you, Elon Musk never tweeted anything about Hunter Biden. Perhaps that’s the solution, but it could also be that Elon Musk is trying to hide information about Hunter in order to protect the Big Guy.

Twitter is doing its best to conceal Hunter’s news, whatever the reason.