Twitter Raises $1.52 Million in Charitable Donations Following RFK Jr. and Peter Hotez Debate


Free Twitter has called out the pharmaceutical tool Peter Hotez who was once considered as Anthony Fauci’s successor as NIAID director. Free Twitter users want Hotez and RFK Jr. to debate after Hotez criticized RFK Jr.’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Spotify has stopped even sort of trying to stop Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation. It’s true… it’s awful. Hotez tweeted: “From all the online abuse I receive after this absurd podcast it’s obvious that many people actually believe this nonsense.”

Rogan replied, “Peter if what RFKjr says is “misinformation”, I will donate $100,000.00 to a charity of your choice if you are willing to debate him without time limits on my show.”

Kennedy responded by inviting Hotez to participate in a debate so that the matter could be resolved once and for all. “Peter.” “Let’s have the respectful, friendly, and informative debate the American people deserve.”

Hotez, a coward and a corporate state actor who only accepts softball questions from friendly corporate media actors would never accept this challenge.

Kennedy is a veteran of battle. Due to the hostility, he receives from polite society, Kennedy is forced to sharpen his rhetoric.

The hack, who was trying to discredit Kennedy’s “anti-vaccine stance”, repeated industry talking points. Kennedy then refuted them.

I ask again the rhetorical question. If RFK Jr.’s ideas about vaccinations — which aren’t extreme, but rather commonsense — are so dangerous, why won’t any respected Public Health, intellectual simply debate him to expose his “dangerous”, conspiracy theories for what it is and finally put them down?

They slither on the internet and corporate state media, hurling around defamatory, ad-hominem smears such as “kook”, without ever addressing the substance behind Kennedy’s arguments.

What a strange thing.

Hotez was enticed to accept by several celebrities, or influencers, who offered a total of 1,52 million dollars in charity pledges (as of Sunday, June 18, 2018). Joe Rogan offered $100k. Andrew Tate contributed $500k. Tim Pool also contributed $100k.

Consider my earlier reporting about Hotez’s call for authorities to “dismantle the anti-science.” Because, as we know, silencing dissenting views is a core tenet in science. Galileo was slammed by The Science, for example, for suggesting that Earth revolves around the sun and not the opposite.