Ukraine With a Whimper or a Bang?


Russia started the war against Ukraine with a shock-and-awe attempt at taking Kyiv.

The conflict quickly escalated into a war in Eastern Ukraine for survival against the Russian-speaking majority borderlands.

Supply, relative morale, and manpower would finally solve this deadlock.

Do the American and European high-tech weapons and money allow heroic Ukrainian forces to be better equipped than the larger Russian forces — drawing on an economic 10x greater than Ukraine’s, and almost four times more people?

After the recent territorial gains in Ukraine, and humiliating Russian retreats, we now have the solution.

Russia may be more powerful and wealthy than Ukraine, but it is not able to match the combined resources from the United States of NATO countries.

Many people are in a proxy war against Russia. An observant China has not yet intervened to assist the Russians.

The third and most dangerous stage in war?

Ukraine is optimistic and believes it can liberate all of the Donbas and move southwards to become independent from Russia. To complete its plan to end Russian aggression since 2014,

What will a nuclear Russia run by an ailing and desperate autocrat do when a smaller Ukraine humiliates them before a global audience?

Putin will cut all European energy supplies to stop Ukraine from being supplied?

Russia is close to achieving this. Despite European fears about a bitter winter in Europe, Putin has yet to gain any strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Putin will be a medievalist when it comes to Ukraine. It’s almost like the violence he unleashed on Grozny in Chechnya in 2000.

A European Ukraine seems vast compared to the small Chechnya. The Chechens survived more than a decade of Russian brutality.

How can Putin survive the self-created disaster that could have claimed almost 100,000 lives and threatened all his territorial gains starting in 2014?

Russia will mobilize all its army and abandon the silly phrase “special military operation” in order to endanger Ukraine with a Soviet-style invasion.

This could cause a resentful Russian population to act out in anger.

Will he just admit defeat and return home to stop the Russian hemorrhaging?

Putin cannot afford to lose this chance. Putin’s blood-soaked reach will make it difficult for the oligarchs and generals to lose their money as well as the Russian embarrassing streets to stop him from removing or neutering them.

Putin will instead continue to claim that Russia is not in losing against Ukraine, but against the United States of America (NATO) — even though the West does to him only what a shrewd Russia did to America during its Vietnam and Afghanistan fiascos.

Putin would continue to paint Russia and himself as victims of this conflict. Our proxy continues to hit more targets within Mother Russia. It sinks more ships of the Black fleet and assassinates more Russian generals.

Putin has no chance of maintaining his credibility and supporting his dangerous brinkmanship. He must pretend to be a defender of Mother Russia while continuing to threaten the use of a tactical nuclear weapon — possibly against Kyiv or the Ukrainian nuclear power station.

It is time for the American people to stop discounting the latest version of the Cuban missile crisis.

Putin, a horrible person, deserves all the praise. Thank you to the Ukrainians for repelling such an aggressor.

But, this strategic and moral victory is different from America getting into a nuclear war with a desperate autocrat. Will the Americans be willing to let go of their nuclear umbrella in favor of a non-NATO former Russian republic?

Until recently, the United States considered Russia a useful triangulation to counter the greater threat of Chinese aggression.

The multifaceted Western agendas are interconnected.

The question here is: How can the United States stop a resumption of a Verdun-like interminable bloodbath at Ukraine’s Ukrainian frontier? They reject any negotiated agreements until Ukraine unambiguously wins the war and expels all Russians. Also, they prevent a wounded Putin from using a tactical nuclear weapon to stop a confrontation with Russia and its 7,000 nuclear weapons.