Umpire Caught On Hot Mic Slamming Miami Marlins While Officiating Them


Prepare to laugh and be disgusted.

MLB recently implemented a rule that requires umpires to wear microphones so the league may listen in on their conversations on the field.

It’s not just about the Major League Baseball results. We also get some hilarious content. Consider Sunday’s match between the Miami Marlins vs Los Angeles Angels. One umpire, on a microphone, was heard trash-talking about a Marlins challenge.

The Fish challenged an umpire’s call at home plate. This forced the game stop so that the umpires can take a closer look. This was not your typical review. Instead, an ump was overheard slamming Miami on a hot microphone moment that is sure to become a classic.

Here’s the real kicker: the Marlins won the challenge and proved that the umpire had been hilariously incorrect.

It’s probably not the best idea to use robot umpires when MLB rumor has it that they are interested.

What is the deal with this Miami hatred in sports?

Look, I get it. Miami is not for everyone. I have heard and read some of most disrespectful and loudmouthed talk about Miami during the Celtics-Heat NBA series, and here we are, with umpires who openly oppose the city’s Baseball team.

It is what it’s is. “They hate us because they aren’t us.”

MLB, fire that umpire. What a joke.