United States in a Recession, 2Q GDP Comes in Negative


According to modern economics, the United States entered a recession at the start of July. The 2Q GDP, which shows -0.9%, has been released after the 1Q GDP was at -1.6%.

This news comes at a time when the White House is desperately trying to redefine “recession” with the help of some mainstream media outlets. The fact is that any period with at least two-quarters of negative economic growth in modern times has been declared to be a recession. Any deviation from this rule is strictly political.

Now that the data is publicly available, you can expect the Biden administration’s spin to ramp up. How many journalists will speak out for truth in this matter? I dare to say not many.

Here is a video of the White House trying to spin the recession situation that our country is facing, but we all know the truth, we are in a recession:

Here is a video of the White House redefining what recession means: