US and UK Ramp Up Iran Sanctions Following Attack on Israel


In response to the sudden attack by Iran on Israel on Saturday, the US and UK have ramped up sanctions.

According to Associated Press (AP), the sanctions “are meant to hold Iran responsible” for the attack, and to hinder its future ability to carry out more attacks. The sanctions apply to both individuals and companies.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of Treasury targeted 16 individuals and two entities that produced engines for the drones that were used to attack Israel on April 13. OFAC has also sanctioned three subsidiaries and five steel-producing firms of the Iranian automaker Bahman Group. The group is accused of supporting Iran’s military, as well as other sanctioned organizations. Bahman did not respond to a request for comment.

The U.K. also targets several Iranian military branches, as well as individuals who are involved in Iran’s ballistic missile and drone industries.

President Biden said, “Let’s be clear: if you enable or support Iran’s attacks, we will not hesitate to do all that is necessary to hold you responsible.”

The U.S. Commerce Department has also introduced new controls that will make it harder for Iran to access “basic commercial grade” microelectronics.

Leaders in the E.U. Also, they promised to add their sanctions on Wednesday.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s chief of foreign policy, said that existing EU sanctions would be expanded and strengthened to punish Tehran and prevent future attacks against Israel. He also said that Israel must exercise restraint.

He warned: “I do not want to exaggerate but we are at the brink of a war. A regional war in the Middle East that will send shockwaves throughout the world and especially to Europe.” “So, stop it.”

The AP points out that it is unclear whether more sanctions can deter Iran from taking the military actions it desires in the region. There are hundreds of sanctions imposed by the U.S. around Iran, ranging from its military system to its banking system. These new sanctions will likely hurt Iran but not completely stop it. It may even encourage more trading with Russia who is accused by Iran of buying drones.

Israel is ready to launch counterstrikes on Iran.

Iran will only become more emboldened by the U.S. sanctions if the government is treating Iran like a velvet glove stuffed with cash. Biden’s administration also told Israel it would not support counter-strikes. The unfreezing of billions for Iranian leaders sent a signal to them that the administration doesn’t understand the only language they know, force.

The Biden administration won’t be held responsible if things get heated up. But if things do heat up and escalate, then the administration will take a lot of the blame. It was clear that the Biden administration has refused to take a firm stance in this situation.