Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Was #MeToo’d but His Fans Could Pave His Way Back to the Top


You may not have heard of Vic Mignogna, but you are familiar with his story.

He was a man who had reached the top, his success was increasing. But then, someone came along and accused him of sexually assaulting them. His career was in jeopardy and soon others followed his lead. As with many #MeToo cases, Mignogna’s accusers provided no evidence.

Mignogna was a well-known voice actor in America, particularly in the English dub anime section. From the huge collection of credits he has, Mignogna is well-known for roles such as Broly from “Dragon Ball Super”, Edward Elrich from” Full Metal Alchemist, and Sabo from “One Piece”.

Is Mignogna guilty of the crime? There’s not much to go on, just like so many #MeToo allegations. My logical answer to this question is “I don’t know.” And the more I study Mignogna’s story, I find it less suspicious. My gut tells me that “this man is in fact the victim.”

However, I do know that the timing of these allegations is suspect. Mignogna was set to become a producer at Funimation Studios, which would make him a boss. Some people didn’t like that, and Mignogna claims that there was a conspiracy against him to end his career. Although the Texas court dismissed this case due to a lack of evidence, I believe there is truth to his claim. This comes from my personal experience in the voice acting industry.

It is clear that I was professionally trained to perform voice acting work, with the goal of landing roles in Funimation. Mignogna’s story was the reason I was stopped. A person who knows the whole story told me that one of their chief complaints was that Mignogna was a Christian. Stories about the studio being overrun by wokeness made that claim even more plausible.

So am I. I also have a wife and a kid. I don’t want to be accused of anything horrible if someone has a bone to pick about my success.

Is this a sign that Mignogna has ended?

Yes…if he so chooses, but it looks like he’s not throwing in the towel.

Mignogna posted a video the other day that showed how many of his loyal fans support him. These comments were filled with stories that confirmed what many have already said about Mignogna. He is kind, generous, and personable. Chrissie Mayr, a comedian, was able to spend time with the Mignognas and confirm everything they had said. In a video, she explains all this.

Mignogna’s supporters seem to outnumber his detractors so far. His claims that he’s a creep toward his fans seem to be dismissed every time a real fan meets him to testify to his good character.

Mignogna will be resurrected here. He will be supported by his fans and colleagues who love him. It will come from Mignogna’s influence and presence leading people to a new place, where those with bad intentions won’t be allowed to have a say.

I don’t like Tyler Perry, but I don’t hate him. I saw him accept the 2019 BET Ultimate Icon Award and he said something I found profound in the middle of his speech. He said something that was profound to the actresses and actors complaining about “Oscars so White”: “while you’re fighting over a place at the table, I’ll be down Atlanta building mine because if my hands can build this table, I know God will provide it for me even in the presence my enemies.”

Bounding Into Comics reports that Mignogna is creating his own table and taking part in the creation of a new dubbing station with Anime Matsuri. This will become a major studio with the support of his fans. They are clearly there, as can be seen from the responses to his videos and forums that show support, and the large crowds who gather to see him.

There is no other option. People will believe that Mignogna is guilty no matter what. He’ll remain sexually rabid, no matter what he does or says. Every mishap will be exaggerated, and every good deed ignored. It’s like trying to convince his enemies of his innocence. You will eventually exhaust yourself and drown.

Mignogna can be the great man people think he is. I wish him success in defeating the cancel culture crowd who has attempted to take the place of Winston Marshall, Nick Searcy, and Gina Carano. His fans will carry him to greatness, and it will teach bigots that they can’t win. It takes a culture that is willing to work hard to overcome a cultural force that is destructive.

Vic Mignogna doesn’t get the job done just because someone says so.