Volcanic Fears Erupt as Tourists Flee Iceland Spa After Earthquake Swarm


After a series of earthquakes rocked the area, tourists fled the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal bathing spa in Iceland. The spa was forced to close the bathing location temporarily due to fears about volcanic eruptions.

Blue Lagoon posted on its site that it had “proactively chosen” to suspend operations temporarily for a week, even though the authorities did not raise the level of uncertainty at this time of seismic activity.

The closure began on Thursday and will continue through November 16. Vikurfrettir, an Icelandic newspaper, reported that the announcement caused at least 40 guests to leave the resort in taxis.

Blue Lagoon, located in Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, is one of the Nordic island country’s most popular attractions. It is visited by approximately 700,000 visitors and tourists each year. The mineral-rich, 100-degree water of the Blue Lagoon is said to boost collagen production in visitors and hydrate their skin.

Icelandic Meteorological Office estimates that the area was shaken by 1,400 earthquakes in just 24 hours. Local media reported that the “earthquake storm” was a continuation of a similar series of seismic activity last month.

AFP reported that the earthquakes caused magma to accumulate underground at a distance of approximately 3.1 miles. If the magma migrates towards the surface, this could cause a volcanic explosion.

Iceland is called “the Land of Ice and Fire”. Since 2021 at least three eruptions have occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula, but all in unpopulated areas.

Blue Lagoon Spa said on its website that it will “carefully monitor the seismic development and reassess as necessary” during this period.