Walmart Mass Shooting Doesn’t Fit the Narrative, so Democrats Change Their Blame Game


Walmart manager opened fire on at least nine of his fellow workers Tuesday in Chesapeake (Va.), leaving at least four people injured and six others dead. Although the victim is not listed in the fatality count, it is believed that the miscreant also shot nine of his coworkers.

Biden quickly climbed atop the bodies to call for more gun reform.

Biden grumbled, “I signed the most significant gun legislation in a generation this year,” “We need to take more action.”

State Senator Louise Lucas (18th District) and Rep. Bobby Scott (3rd District) both argued for an end of “gun violence” instead of some form hatred. That means that the shooter was not an “angry white male”.

Fox 3 reports that Andre Bing is the shooter, as shown in the video above. The shooter was not carrying an AR-15, but a handgun. This has been confirmed by police. Officials from the police stated that the shooter was not familiar with law enforcement.

After late-shift workers had arrived for work, the carnage occurred. Bing is alleged to have started shooting in the breakroom, where he allegedly shot his first victim, which was a woman in the head. Then, he allegedly moved to the supermarket area of the store.

The Walmart shooting occurred days after a nonbinary person opened a gay club in Colorado Springs. Matt Margolis, our own writer, wrote about the incident Wednesday.

Police have asked residents to stay clear of the Walmart as they are still investigating.