West Point Reinstates Travel Ban on Unvaccinated Cadets After Military Mandate Repealed


The U.S. military COVID-19 vaccination mandate has been lifted. Congress is currently considering legislation to pay compensation for service members who were fired because of their vaccination status. West Point, however, refuses to recognize it. According to R. Davis Younts, a military attorney and Just the News, the U.S. Military Academy had actually lifted its travel ban for unvaccinated cadets. West Point is essentially playing power games at this point.

However, the military is still not treating unvaccinated service personnel equally. Just the News reported that despite the lifting of the vaccine mandate unvaccinated military personnel still face repercussions. These include denial of benefits, ineligibility to promotion and/or deployment, and possibly diminished employment prospects for those already discharged. The reinstatement at West Point of restrictions following the strike-down on the vaccine mandate is a direct and open act of coercion.

In November, I reported that West Point’s Veteran’s Day gift to unvaccinated cadets had been to give them a 10-hour ultimatum on Nov. 10, to decide whether they wanted to receive the COVID-19 vaccination or leave campus. According to West Point’s developmental counseling form, “Failing to comply with this order may result in punitive and adverse administrative actions,” which could include being discharged from the military with an honorable or dishonorable discharge. The deadline of 10 hours was to deny an appeal of vaccine exemption requests made by unvaccinated cadets. Although the appeals were denied on Nov. 2, the cadets were not informed until Nov. 10, just before the three-day weekend. All COVID-19 vaccines that were available to military personnel were authorized for emergency use only and not FDA-approved. This shows that West Point doesn’t care about health. It’s only interested in forcing cadets to follow an unjust order, regardless of its rightness or wrong.

West Point initially prohibited all cadets from traveling during the outbreak of the pandemic. Then, it restricted only unvaccinated students. It then removed that restriction for the last semester, while the military vaccine mandate was still in effect, Just the News reported. Younts stated that West Point reintroduced travel restrictions after the Pentagon removed its vaccine mandate. The lawyer wondered if this was because there wasn’t “anything left” to coerce the cadets into complying.

As evidence mounts of the serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations, and young people, such as an Air Force Academy Cadet, are dying suddenly, this is worrying. Epoch Times reported that a study showed high levels of spike protein among COVID mRNA-vaccinated patients with myocarditis. Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist, said in December that myocarditis cases increased from 4 million to 25,000 million following the COVID vaccine rollout. Project Veritas released a video that showed an executive at Pfizer boasting about his plans to “mutate” the COVID virus in order to produce more COVID vaccines. He called it a “cash cow”.

Just the News reported on the effort that unvaccinated cadets put into refusing to be coerced.

”While the vaccine mandate was still in effect, the unvaccinated cadets submitted Religious Accommodation Requests (RAR) for exemptions. After the requests were denied, they appealed the denials, which were also denied. After the denials of their RAR appeals, they requested medical exemptions, which were in turn denied, appealed, and denied again.”

Just the News reported that legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate following the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) repeal of the military vaccination mandate. It would prevent the Department of Defense from issuing a COVID-19 mandate to the Department of Defense (DOD). This legislation would allow the DOD to reinstate unvaccinated servicemen and provide them with retirement pay for their vaccination status.

Let’s all hope Congress will also call out West Point for its coercive strategies against unvaccinated Cadets.