What Democrats Don’t Want You to Know About Hakeem Jeffries


As we reported previously, after Republicans were projected to retake the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., made it official Thursday by declaring that she will not seek reelection as Democratic leader in the next Congress.

Pelosi, 82, said that the time was right for a new generation of leaders to lead the Democratic Caucus. She also stated that she was helping to prepare the way for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y. to succeed her.

Jeffries has been in Congress since 2013. Some media portray him as “a skilled operator inside the conference with sharp communications skills to sell a Democratic message the public,” although he might face resistance from House “Squad” members who have “labeled ” him a centrist.

The fawning media won’t cover Jeffries or the “historical” nature of his upcoming role in the House Minority Leader’s presumptive role is because he is, according to the Democrats’ very convenient definition, a threat to democracy. A denier of elections who routinely attempts to undermine and delegitimize “our sacred institutions,” as Democrats often refer to the courts or the democratic process.

To think that we have been taught all these years about how dangerous such talk is. Who knew?

Then there’s the matter of Hakeem Jeffries’ rampant anti-Semitism (Twitter thread).

Fairness aside, even though Rep. Jeffries doesn’t seem to have distanced himself directly from his uncles remarks, he has spoken against anti-Semitism at numerous times, including on social media.

“The alarming rise in anti-Semitic violence in NYC and across the country is unacceptable and deeply troubling. All perpetrators must face criminal charges to the fullest extent of the law. “We will crush intolerance wherever and whenever it is found,” Jeffries tweeted May 2021.

Jeffries also described pro-life conservatives as a “cult”. He wrote this during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, when it became clear that Rittenhouse’s actions in self-defense meant that he should have been locked up and the key thrown away.

The “new generation” leadership of Democrats in the House is pure wakefulness. Although not as awake as AOC, they were awake enough to provide plenty of nightmares for Republicans in the coming weeks and months.

I cannot wait.