What Does the Tylenol Shortage and the Fentanyl Surplus Have in Common?


Tylenol is in short supply across the country. For anyone looking to get high, or even die, there is plenty of Fentanyl flowing through America’s porous Southern border.

CBS News reported Thursday that there is a “national shortage” of Tylenol for children and other medications. “Retailers like CVS and Target have placed strict limits on the amount of medicine that people can purchase, according to CBS News.

Even though Johnson & Johnson is producing new meds all the time, shortages could still occur “into the early next year.”

The shortages are due to a spike in demand, COVID-19, and unusually high RSV/strep throat infections in children who didn’t have a chance for natural immunity during lockdowns or mask mandates.

Communist China is another culprit, as it dominates international pharmaceutical production, especially for generic drugs that are inexpensive and popular. Tylenol can be manufactured in the United States, but most of its ingredients come from Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Maybe production in China will resume normal now that CCP leader Xi Jinping has abandoned his disastrous Zero COVID policy, which caused severe economic disruptions.

Maybe not soon enough, as the unprepared population is becoming infected by the millions every day.

There are many other drugs available.

BBC reported last week that US federal drug agents claimed they had seized enough fentanyl by 2022 to kill all Americans.

This is how much they took. There is still plenty of the drug available for those who want it. Although I am not a drug warrior, fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than heroin, kills around 150 Americans each day.

The root causes of the homeless crisis in major cities are often addiction and mental illness. Fentanyl is a popular drug that has been used to escape from the country’s rising depression rates. This is due in large part to the government’s overreaction to COVID, and the resulting economic uncertainties.

We can also at least partially thank China for this.

Congressman Pat Fallon (R-Tex.) Representative Pat Fallon (R-Texas) told Fox News last Wednesday that most of the fentanyl is produced in China and transported through Mexico. He said that the surge was “asymmetrical warfare waged by Communist Chinese,” made possible by “unbelievable” border policies “Joe Biden” put in place to enable cartels.

Although the open border presents many problems, fentanyl’s potency means that even with former President Donald Trump’s stricter border policies, more than enough were smuggled through.

It is interesting to me that China doesn’t have any problem illegally exporting large quantities of fentanyl, at a time when over-the-counter medicines are becoming harder to find.