White House Supports Making It Illegal For 18-Year-Olds To Purchase Rifles


The White House supported the idea of raising the legal age to purchase rifles in America from 21 to 21. This was in reference to President Joe Biden’s denial of the idea.

A CBS reporter asked Karine Jean Pierre, White House press secretary if Biden would support raising the legal age to buy a gun during the daily briefing.

Jean-Pierre replied, “The president was very clear about this just recently when he came to his remarks Tuesday that it doesn’t make sense for an 18, to legally buy an assault weapon.”

She stressed that Biden was very specific in his views about whether 18-year-olds should be allowed the right to purchase a gun.

He stated that it was wrong for an 18-year-old kid to go into a gun shop and buy two assault weapons.

Biden voiced his opposition to 18-year-olds buying guns in a speech at The White House on police reform.

He stated, “It’s absurd that an 18 year old can go to a shop and buy weapons of war designed for killing.” It’s absurd.