White House Works to Address Biden’s Incoherence and Baby Sniffing Gaffe


Joe Biden has been getting worse. Even though he’s been doing mainly ceremonial-type events, such as the recognition of Women’s History Month, he can’t seem to even make it through the most basic event without difficulty or messing something up.

When he had the Women’s History event on Wednesday, he made some bizarre comments about his wife Jill and LGBTQ people, as we reported. He talked about Jill being the “first full-time lady.” He also said that she left what sounds like a sad note for him on his mirror saying “stop trying to make me love you.” Yikes. Then he also made a weird remark when he was trying to pander to the groups in the room, but then oddly talked about the “LGBTQ survivors.”

He also made a big mistake that the White House is trying to correct, when he pledged to disarm “domestic policy advisers.”

This is kind of funny. You could argue that his domestic advisers aren’t armed, at least not with common sense. They might be “disarmed” given the damage they have done.

He was actually supposed to say “convicted domestic abusers.” But how do you get that from the teleprompter?

They had to amend the official transcript.

But, even though they attempted to rectify that, he was back to those “what the hell did he say?” moments on Thursday at another ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Biden spoke incoherently, “History is made by women who decide that it is riskier to accept a situation they can’t bear than stealing their spines and embracing the promise for change and no one has more than Nancy Pelosi in her spine,” This could not have been said on the teleprompter. However, this was complete confusion with Biden not realizing it was confusion. Pelosi has what? Who is stealing spines and what do they have in their spines? What’s he talking about? If you look at such things, you can see that he is not going to be in the right condition for 2024.

Biden tried to speak about prescription drugs but was thrown off script when a baby screamed in front of the White House audience. He then had another embarrassing moment. He stated that he was okay with it because “Matter of fact, I like people more than babies.”

Joe, babies are people.

He also held the baby of Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D–CA) and seemed to be trying to sniff it.

He’s now in Canada to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We don’t know how he will embarrass us. His issues only get worse as he continues to have more meetings in the evening.

From the White House transcript changes, I thought this was the ideal symbol for the Biden Administration.

We are stuck with him. We don’t know what he will say next.