Why America Needs Melania More Than Ever


America could use a dose of the former First Lady.

Melania has been in my thoughts since I saw several prominent politicians and their family members arrive to show their support for the ex-president during his trial. Ivanka was not there, but she left already a few months ago. Melania’s absence was most distressing.

Melania signed on to be the wife of a billionaire, not the wife of a constantly embattled former leader of the free world who could go to jail over the bookkeeping practices of a nondisclosure agreement. She has been rocked with life-challenging events recently. She spent months caring for her ailing mother, Amalija Knavs, and missed the annual Mar-a-Lago Christmas party to be with her. She stayed under wraps until her mother died in January of this year and then was seen with her husband at the funeral.

Melania, according to Fox Digital, “fully supports” the presidential campaign of her husband and looks forward to’restoring hope for the future’ as well as leading America with love and strength in a second term. ”

Melania was last seen with her husband at Barron’s high school graduation. Melania was the one who denied Barron’s participation in Republican National Convention. In his name, she released a press release saying Barron had been honored to serve as delegate but that he also had other commitments.

The former president Trump told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Sunday that her trial was particularly difficult.

“She is fine, but I believe it’s very difficult for her.” He said it was harder for his family.

He claimed that the publicity was devastating: “I’m not sure, she’s fine.” It’s like she has read this crap.

Stephanie Grisham, former press secretary for Trump, said that Trump was unhappy that Ivanka Melania didn’t come to his support during the trial.

She said, “I am sure it bothers him in this context. ”

Grisham says that if Melania appeared for the second half of the trial, it “would have seemed like she had caved in or was even weak to appear suddenly now. “She claimed that it could have led to speculation. She chose not to attend this show because she felt that it embarrassed her.

The media portrayed the Trump case as a “hush money” trial to silence a sexual predator. Donald Trump, and his team, were the only people under gag order in this case. I’ve written about this several times.

Stormy Daniels said she had a sex tryst with Donald Trump in 2006, when he was hosting “Celebrity Apprentice.” Stormy Daniels threatened to make her story public in 2011 and then returned to the Trump Organization in 2015 to try to extort more money. Daniels changed her story on the witness stand during the Manhattan trial.

Daniels sued Trump for defamation when he denied what she said. Daniels lost the case, and she had to pay attorney fees and damages. Trump still owes Daniels more than 600,000. Daniels promised that she would not pay anything.

The prosecutors brought the mattress actress to the witness stand to tell the story in detail. In her testimony, the writer and actress changed the story again. On the witness stand, she changed it yet another time. This was done to make it seem that the alleged sexual encounter was not consenting.

Daniels’ testimony was not permitted by Trump’s lawyers who objected again, but Judge Juan Merchan allowed it. Daniels’ testimony, although not relevant to this case, was intended to poison a juror against Trump and the accounting practices being trialed.

Daniels responded, “No, not directly. ”

Necheles said: “You know nothing about his business records?”

Daniels replied: “I know nothing about his business records.” “No, I would not. ”

When the Trump lawyer asked the woman what the case was about, the courtroom erupted in laughter.

Melania’s attendance at this mockery trial may have been a bit much.

Daniels offers Melania some “advice”, which is essentially “to leave him”.

The Left loves to hear this.

After looking into the matter and tracking down the scandal, I don’t believe Daniels.

Melania was raised in Slovenia, a communist nation. With the spread of communism in America, I would love to hear what she thinks about it. She should speak up. Tell me how her husband could help her.

It is true that the former president was right when he said that this show trial touched America’s very freedom.

It is not just about Melania. Her husband will be put behind bars. Melania must speak out.