Why Didn’t Durham Talk to Individuals Promoting False Trump-Russia Collusion?


It’s remarkable. The biggest liars involved in selling the fraudulent Donald-Trump-is-a-Russian-Secret-Agent scandal aren’t in a jail cell somewhere, nor were they ever threatened with being put in one.

It’s true: The masterminds, co-travelers, and cheerleaders behind the worst political dirty trick ever perpetrated in the U.S. — worse than Watergate — were not ordered to appear in front of John Durham’s Grand Jury or face criminal charges for contempt.

James Comey was late for a nail appointment, or he was alone in the forest walking and couldn’t get there. Or something.

Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI for his “lack of candor” about the “fake Russia! Russia! Russia!

What about Peter Strzok? A former FBI agent who could not see past his political ideology or his affair with Lisa Page in order to conduct an impartial investigation?

Bill Priestap continued to lie about Trump-Russia and blessed oblivion, without stopping at John Durham’s Grand Jury.

Here’s another, how about the convicted liar Kevin Clinesmith? Do you remember the guy who lied about a FISA warrant to his paymasters? Why was he not hauled before the grand jury and forced to answer questions regarding the fake scandals?

Glenn Simpson has a soaring reputation because of his “great” work in selling a fake story to Washington insiders, the FBI, and the media.

All of them tried to steal an electoral vote. All of them lied to gain political advantage. All of them lied to cover up Hillary Clinton’s scandalous email and private server. They also lied about the people who were aware of it, such as President Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They did it in order to benefit one party over another. They kept it going for many years. The fake scandal was used to launch further investigations against Donald Trump, which led to the impeachment of two people.

All of them were one.

Two senators wonder what happened after the Durham Report confirmed that the people previously mentioned knew that Hillary Clinton was planning a fake Russia operation to label Trump as a spy.

The Washington Examiner reported that Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wisc. Durham received a letter asking why these people “were allowed to avoid fully cooperating” with their office.

Grassley and Johnson pointed out that Mueller’s investigation resulted in “more than 2,800 subpoenas”, and “nearly 500 search and seizure warrants”. In contrast, the Durham investigation was “served with more than 190 Subpoenas”, and “executed with seven search warrants.”

The senators requested “detailed” information from Durham on Comey and McCabe as well as Strzok and Priestap. They also asked for details about the subpoenas sent to each man, when they were sent, what the subpoenas requested, as well as the dates and locations of their sending. The senators asked Durham to provide this information by May 31.

Durham’s report revealed that there was absolutely no legal basis for opening the Trump/Russia case. We hope Grassley, Johnson, and others can get answers about this “odd turn of events”.

What do you know? The Deep State Borg attempted to steal the 2016 elections and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency