Will the Transgender Activist Community be Taught a Long Overdue Lesson?


In a world of silence, the group that speaks loudest is the one that gets the most attention. More attention gives the impression that the small group is a larger size than it actually is.

For a while, the mainstream media has been giving the transgender community a megaphone. Mainstream media has allowed transgender activists to intimidate and subjugate all people from corporations to individuals. Its effects can be seen in executive offices, elected officials, and corporations. It’s all created the impression that the transgender population is the most influential and pervasive in the country.

But every now and again, the illusion breaks. The trans activist community was proven to be an inconsequential entity in the face of the real will of the people. This could be seen when the video game “Hogwarts Legacy” was released with overwhelming success despite rabid attempts by the activists and their allies to make it crash and intimidate people into not buying or playing it.

Trans activists can’t seem to stop Bud Light from falling and Anheuser-Busch bleeding heavily after they featured a transgender advocate as one of their partners.

The transgender community will be exposed as being weak and incompetent when the silent majority speaks up and moves.

It’s still so infused with hubris, thanks to the mainstream capitulation, that they don’t even notice that it has a lot of power. They continue to intimidate, shame, and even use violence against anyone they deem an enemy, whether or not they are. Some have even threatened the public with death if they get in their way.

They are losing their goodwill as they continue to do so. The general public is tolerant and kind. The majority of people just want to be left alone, and they wish to show others the same respect. The trans community is discovering the limits of this.

The silent majority are slow to anger, and they will tolerate being prodded and harassed, and poked for an astonishingly long period of time. After a certain number of victims are created, and after events have occurred, the silent majority will lose their goodwill.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the majority of people will do what these activists falsely claim to be doing, and start being violent towards transgenders. The silent majority is not like that.

The people will ignore them. They will ignore their threats of social exclusion and intimidation. They will mock and ridicule these activists whenever they engage in any form of activism. Corporations and politicians will soon follow as the buzz fades among the public. Only the most radical ideological people will cheer for them.

Consider previous movements which ended in this manner. Women’s March has become a joke, to the point that it’s almost irrelevant to political discourse. They were hot a few short years ago. The “Defund the Police Movement” collapsed when people realized that it increased crime, and politicians were reluctant to support the movement.

Even non-profit partisan political groups that have enormous influence have been pushed too far. PETA was once one of the most hyped and celebrated organizations with the support of politicians and Hollywood. Now they are the shite of a national joke.

I think you get the point. The power of the transgender activist community has survived far longer than most, but its presence on the main stage is ephemeral. With each passing transgression, attack, assault, intimidation, and accusation, it wears it’s welcome thinner and thinner. It creates its own enemies who speak out and act against it, and with every victim it creates, it creates another group of supporters yearning for its downfall.

The transgender community won’t die tomorrow or even this year. But it will soon be like all other political movements that once blazed brightly before they faded.

It will happen because they didn’t learn from the mistakes of other political groups. Their existence and influence are based on the patience and goodwill of the people that they’re trying to subjugate.

The transgender activists are actually at the patience and mercy of the people.

Each story of the horrors they have inflicted makes them want to do less and less.