Will Trump Pick Vivek Ramaswamy as His PressSec?


Vivek Ramaswamy has “suspended’ his presidential campaign following a disappointing finish on Monday night. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be in the White House by next year.

Not in the Oval Office. Not in the Executive Residence. Ramaswamy deserves a top job in the Re-Trump White House if Donald Trump becomes POTUS 47 by November next year.

If The Donald does not name The Vivek White House Press Secretary he will be dead to me.

I may have exaggerated, but not much. Trump missed some chances during his first round, especially with his early personnel choices. Ramaswamy’s selection as the White House Pit Bull may be an opportunity that Trump can’t afford to take.

There are a few other things that I want to mention before we talk about Vivek’s job.

Please believe me when I say, I have no bad feelings towards Kayleigh McEnany. She was one of, if no better, the greatest White House PressSecs ever, with a razor-sharp sense of humor and TV-friendly appearance.

My attempt at British understatement was “TV-friendly” looks. How did I do?

If Trump said, “You’re hired again!” McEnany. I suppose I would forgive him eventually. When I say “eventually,” I mean that I’d forgive McEnany the moment he returned to TV with his TV-friendly look.

Why does the media insist that candidates “suspend their primary campaign”? Nothing is suspended. They leave and never return. Ross Perot from 1992 is the only example that comes to my mind. Perot abruptly quit the race in July and then returned just as quickly, just five to six weeks before election day.

Perot was an independent and never ran for any primary. Also, the skittish He’s-In/He’s-Out/He’s-Back-In thing helped downshift him from “OMG an independent could win” to “AYFKM with this guy?”

Ramaswamy has just endorsed Trump after quitting his campaign.

I was not a big fan of Vivek when he ran for president. Sure, he would say great and outrageous words — they were crowd pleasers. Let me say, in a British way of understatement, that his conservative principles were too new to impress.

Vivek isn’t super powerful because of how long he has held conservative principles, or even if they are genuine. Watch this classic moment of his two weeks ago, where he showed his Kryptonian strength in turning the tables against the mainstream media.

This wasn’t an isolated incident. You can watch this clip again from December when Ramaswamy did the same thing to MSDNC press assistant Abby Phillip.

More examples are available. You’ve seen them before. If you’re like me, then you have probably seen them two or three times.

Do I want this killer with his killer instincts to be behind the Briefing Room every day of the week? You’re damn right I do. Ramaswamy’s red meat would be more frequent than Karine Jean-Pierre checking her crib sheet. It would be glorious.

If Kayleigh McEnany came back instead… It’s okay if you want to do that.