Witness Describes Chaotic Scene as Teen Killed, 3 Injured In DC Shooting: He Was Screaming Out for His Mom


Witnesses to a shooting in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, described the chaos leading to the death of a 15-year-old victim, and several others were injured including a police officer.

Daniel Dyson told WTTG that the 15-year-old was screaming for his mother.

Dyson claimed the shooting occurred at the Morchella Festival, U Street, where loud music was playing and there were people walking around everywhere. Dyson said he saw officers “everywhere”.

He claimed that he was sitting next to a police officer when the shots rang out.

Dyson said that cops were everywhere. They were moving people and trying to keep everyone safe.

“I was sitting beside a cop, and the next thing I knew shots were ringing out”.

FOX reported that the shooting was at “unpermitted activities”.

At a press conference Sunday night, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser told reporters that despite the “Moechella” music festival on 14th and U Street being advertised online as a Juneteenth celebration, the free event “did not have proper planning” for the hundreds of people who attended.

One witness said that the officer who was injured in his leg tried his best to protect the residents of the surrounding area.

“He didn’t want to stop. Dyson’s report states that he continued to go”.

Chief Robert J. Contee III of the Metropolitan Police Department later stated that more than 100 officers attended the Morchella Festival.

Chief Contee confirmed that the officer had been shot in the leg, and said that he is recovering.

Dyson stated that he saw the 15-year-old boy, in pain and offered to help.

“My mind is blown because, you know, I was trying to cover up this guy. And next thing you know, they say he’s no longer here,” he said of the unidentified juvenile victim.

Dyson asked the community to stop violence during the interview.

Dyson said, “To see him leave…it bothers me. This must stop”.

“It doesn’t matter which color is your race, what kind of uniform you’re wearing. It needs to come to a stop. And if it doesn’t, it’s going to be innocent kids dying every day because people don’t want to do this,” he continued.

The death and the violence were also notable to Dyson because they occurred on a holiday, he said. “I don’t think I would come outside for nothing else ever here in D.C.,” Dyson concluded.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police Department said that four people were shot at Morchella, including one officer who didn’t return fire in the crowded area.

Chief Contee later stated that the victims were a 15-year-old boy, who was declared dead on the spot, two adults, and an officer who was also injured.