Woman Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison for Ricin Attack on Trump


The outcome of this story is not surprising, given the determination of the Biden regime, and the leftist elite to prevent Donald Trump from running in 2024 as an “insurrectionist,” and to have him found guilty of dozens of false felony charges and possibly even die in prison. A woman sent Donald Trump a ricin-laced letter, but instead of receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom and being feted in the White House, (perhaps with some of Hunter’s favorite white powder), she faces 22 years behind bars. She was only trying to do what she could! Does she get that as a reward?

The Hill reported Thursday that Pascale Ferrier – who is not even American but is a dual citizen from Canada and France, as well as a resident in Quebec – did her part to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and fight the hegemony that the extreme left enjoys south of the border. She sent a letter containing ricin derived from castor beans, which is a deadly poison. Ferrier pleaded guilty to making ricin at her home in January and sending Trump and eight Texas officials threatening letters that were laced with ricin.

Yet Ferrier had what the likes of Old Joe Biden and Merrick Garland would consider to be the noblest of motives. In her ricin-laced letter to the Bad Orange Man, Ferrier exhorted him to “give up and remove his application for this election,” that is, the election of 2020. Now, that’s exactly what this barrage of trumped-up, if you’ll pardon the expression, felony charges are designed to accomplish now: getting Trump to give up and withdraw from the election of 2024.

Why are the feds being so harsh on Pascale Ferrier now? She tried to do what the feds are trying to accomplish: remove Donald Trump as a public figure by using the most unscrupulous means possible, without regard to the consequences to the nation. Ferrier’s mistake is being cruder and less sophisticated than Garland, Alvin Bragg, and Jack Smith. Ferrier wants Trump dead literally, while they want him dead politically. Both outcomes would have the same effect, but Garland and Bragg can rest easier knowing they’re not trying to murder the man. They’re only killing him politically.

Ferrier’s intent seems to be more immediate. The Hill reports that Ferrier drove from Canada to Buffalo, N.Y. after mailing her poison-pen letter. Border patrol agents found a loaded gun, hundreds of cartridges, and other weapons on her person.

It depends on how you endanger them. What if you were to turn misdemeanors and minor crimes into felonies and then multiply the felonies in order to make your charges seem more intimidating? That’s fine. Why are Democrats trying to criminalize the act of expressing their opinion about an election they won when Democrats have questioned the integrity and legitimacy of Republican victories over decades? You see, this does not put our public servants in danger. It’s all fine.

Pascale Ferrier made a mistake when she attempted to use ricin to achieve what Democrat leaders are trying to accomplish with legal legerdemain. What they want to do will not kill Trump, unlike Ferrier. In the best-case scenario, he would be put behind bars for the rest of his life, and serve as a constant warning to others who are critical of the Biden government and any horrors that follow: Don’t step outside the line or you will suffer the same fate.

Donald Trump’s persecution is an attempt to intimidate those who dare to question those in power. The critics of Old Joe are able to see that the entire weight of the regime is being applied against Trump. As Cheeto himself said, they’re not after him at all. They’re after us. It’s just not the way Pascale Ferrier attempted to do it. They are smarter than that. Not by much.