Woody Harrelson Gets Brutally Honest While Discussing Liberals


In a recent interview, Woody Harrelson was brutally honest. He said that some liberals behave like “fucking fools.”
Harrelson gave an interview to Esquire on his role in White House Plumbers. The film is a sequel to the Watergate scandal. Harrelson is E. Howard Hunt.

“Woody in your youth, you campaigned for the Republican Party. Mike Pence attended the same college. “Did those experiences help to understand the paranoia Hunt felt?” Esquire asked.

“I get it. There’s still fear of communism. We still hate Russia. We’re still worried about the liberal agenda. I understand how this mentality is formed. Harrelson stated, “I’m basically a little of both.” “There are liberals who do things that make me think, ‘what idiots!’ But then there is conservative ideology which I find odd. “I consider myself to be an anarchist.”

Do you mean to say that you do not believe in government? “Do you mean that you believe in no government?”

Harrelson stated that he does not see the government as working for “average Americans” but rather, the “bigger businesses.”