Biden Boasts We’re the Only Country in the World Giving COVID Vaccines to Children


The Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were approved by the Biden administration last week for children aged 6 months to 5. According to the FDA advisory committee, they concluded that the vaccines offered safe and effective protection against COVID in children, even though adults who have been fully vaccinated or boosted still have COVID.

Since the approval of the vaccines for emergency use, the quest to immunize children from COVID has been ongoing. The Biden administration and media have collaborated in fear campaigns to persuade parents to immunize their children. Joe Biden addressed a COVID vaccination center on Tuesday. He stated that “We are the only country doing this right now.”

This was actually something he thought was good, and something to be proud of. He didn’t realize there was a reason. In Sweden, earlier this year, health officials decided not to recommend COVID vaccinations for children aged 5-12 years. They argued that the risks are too great.

For a long time, we know that school-aged children have an average COVID recovery rate (99.997%). This is higher than their mortality from seasonal flu. We also know that children who are not vaccinated against COVID are more protected than adults. Studies have shown that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are more likely than COVID to cause myocarditis among young men.

UNICEF acknowledges that there is limited evidence to support the direct effects of COVID-19 on youth, child, and adolescent mortality. However, the Biden administration is keen to vaccinate children from COVID despite these risks.

Data does not support universal vaccination of children from COVID. Period. Why is Biden so convinced that the USA should be pushing unnecessary COVID vaccinations on children when other countries don’t? It all comes down to the money.